Stupid Technical and 4 free throws in a row

Only time they hit 4 in a row.

It reminded me of the LSU game a few weeks ago. Technical free throws were the difference in the final score, which ironically was 79-77 both games.

We were 26/40 free throws. Have got to get better in close games.

Eric Musselman said the technical foul was on Hays Myers, who is a member of the team’s support staff.

That support staff member needs to be sent packing! If he got the T!

He wouldn’t get a 2nd chance if I were the coach. Muss has the fan support like Nolan era. Keep losing at home / winnable games. Be back to 8k instead of 18k. Bad loss!!

I think the fans understand the lack of size on this team! This won’t cause the fans to turn. Not in my opinion. This is just a game where they could never get over the hump! Tied at 40 and live ball TO’s.
You name it and it happened. That support staff member that got the T needs to sit out games. He can support form the locker room or just fire him!

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