Stupid Question about Fox

OK, the whole realignment thing is clearly driven by the two major players in sports broadcasting: ESPN and Fox.

But, what is “Fox” anymore? (Hey I said this was a stupid question.) Disney (which owns ESPN) bought Fox a few years ago. Then what was the “Fox Sports Regional Networks” were spun off to be “Bally Sports.” So, I ASSUME, those regional networks are not part of Fox or ESPN.

What is “Fox Sports” (I frankly don’t really watch anything on a broadcast that has been branded “Fox” other than NFL games). Are the NFL games that are shown on over the air Fox stations owned by Disney? Is the Big 10 network owned by Disney? I don’t think so, but boy am I confused.

The importance of the question is, of course, if it is all owned by Disney there really isn’t any real competition for sports programing, Disney could do what it wanted. Again, I don’t think that is the case.

No, Disney did not buy Fox. Disney bought Fox Studios, the movie making unit that spawned the whole thing. The network that shows the Simpsons, the news channel, and Fox Sports (including FS1 and 61% of BTN) are most assuredly NOT owned by Disney. They are owned by News Corp., which is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Disney could not have legally bought the Fox network due to an FCC rule prohibiting mergers of broadcast networks. Disney did briefly own the regional sports networks, but the Department of Justice ordered them to divest those because of the concentration of sports coverage that would produce.

The Bally regional networks are not part of Fox, or of ESPN. They are owned by Sinclair, which also owns Channel 7 in Little Rock.

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Thanks. I didn’t think Disney owned all the sports networks, but wasn’t sure.

What programming does Bally have since it isn’t a part of either Fox or ESPN? (I haven’t watched any of their stuff since YouTubeTV dropped them several years ago). I know they do a lot of MLB, but do they do any college sports?

Most of the NBA teams are on one of the Ballys. Bally South, for example, has Atlanta, Charlotte and Memphis, along with the hockey teams in Raleigh and Nashville.

I’m not sure how much they dip into college any more. I can’t tell if Bally South does anything on college. SECN and ACCN probably took a lot of that away.

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