Stupid Gets You Beat Every Time

Stupid decisions, stupid reactions, slow reactions, fumbles and another collapse of the defense are the stories of this game.
Safety continues to be the Achilles Heal of this team. How many years has this been the case? And the same secondary people are also on our special teams that also are hurting us in every game. I do love the play of Pulley and Tolliver seems improved. But the lack of speed at LB and the play at safety makes what we saw tonight possible every week.
I am not knowledgeable enough to question the play calling, but passing up the field goal was a mistake. It was the momentum change, not the points that is the issue. It was too early in the game to pass up points, and take the lead, and the miserable 4th down play killed this team. The team collapsed right after it.
I am going to try and keep the faith in the coaching staff that they can figure this out. Allen is good and that gives us a shot. But if they do not defensively play the middle of the field better than tonight I think we are going to see more of this down the road.
Stupid loses every time. This was dumb team tonight and it was very disappointing.