Stupid covid

My wife came down with it and now I’m feeling poopy.

I managed to avoid it till now.

My doc said it’s a mild varient right now and to treat the symptoms. Other than fatigue, I’ve had much worse common colds.

Please pray for my wife and me.


Will do. I’m not sure if I’ve had it or not. Never tested positive. Feel lucky.

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Done. My wife and I had a bout with flu followed by COVID. With a weakened immune system, we lacked strength and stamina for close to a month. Fortunately neither of us ever felt the need for a hospital. Hope all is well quickly.

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My wife went to an outing with some girl friends and one called 2 days later to let us know she tested positive

Just bad luck. Everyone will get it. It’s here to stay, like the flu.

Will do gentry!!


I hope you are ok Gentry. I knew you said you were going to bed the other nite, so did you miss our overtime victory?

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Yeah, I did. Was so excited when I saw we won

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