Stumbled onto this Geico Commercial Razorback Parody

It was worth a laugh… check it out. I even remember the original commercial with the “little piggie” that went “wheeeeeee” all the way home.


Some years back I went into the ER with severe abdominal pain. Turned out to be diverticulitis, another story. They gave me a shot of Dilaudid for the pain, it worked. Wheeling me down the hallway for some imaging I was going, “wheee, wheee, wheee”. I got a kick out of those commercials and out of Dilaudid that time, but never out of oral pain meds post-op. Obviously something genetic in how we react to opioids.

My love was Nitrous Oxide from the first time I ever had it at my dentist’s office. I was floating and laughing at the clowns I swore I saw.

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