Studio Football in Gumry tonight

I bet there aren’t 5 thousand people there.

I’m not hip. Someone tell me what this message is about.

2nd that???

3rd that!

I think he’s trying to say no one showed up for ASWho’s bowl game.

Swine is correct. It was actually a decent game played in a steady rain. The Crampton Bowl is a 25,000 stadium in Mun-gumry.ESPN did their best not to pan out too far in their crowd shots, but when they did, you could see that one side the stadium was completely empty. I don’t know where ASU found WR Omar The Howler Bayless, but he is the real deal. I think that we would have been better off with Lane Hatcher at QB this year, than our two graduate QB’s. Also liked the Injun Wolves NT.

Happy for Anderson and ASU. It’s been a very trying year.

The nicknames and dislike of ASU is juvenile, outdated, and frankly silly. Especially with Blake Anderson coaching the team. And further especially with the rank incompetence seen in Fayetteville football circles these past few years.


You lecturing anyone is rather ironic

So you take a little well-deserved heat and remove my post? You’re more ridiculous than I thought.

You did not get the memo - okay to refer to ASU as Jonesboro Tech, but referring to Bret Bielema as Tito Bert is immature LOL

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The difference is “Tito Bert“ is actually funny.

I was headed to Arkansas State in 1970 with friends until a long legged gal kept me home in PB commuting to UA Monticello (then Arkansas A&M). Those friends graduated there and one married an ASU Indian football player that became a good friend. Good folks all.

I’ve always rooted for them (especially this year) and have nothing but respect for their team. Having said that I don’t believe we should ever play ASU in football. No gain for the Razorbacks.

As to who has the best team the last couple of years - who knows and who cares. Moot point IMO. Just good fodder for arguments on this board. But those arguments are entertaining for sure.

Hopefully soon their can be no argument that our Hogs are superior.

I don’t follow most of the other AR teams but do root for them when I see them play. That being said I don’t want to play them, as others have said, because there is no upside for the UofA. I have friends that are ASU grads and they are Hog fans as well. They like to poke fun at the UA at times and I let them know their place but it’s all in good fun and nobody gets their panties in a was over it.

I think most of the name calling and stuff between teams is harmless and usually all in good fun. I know that we all feel for Blake Anderson and what he has gone through this year. I know how he feels.

The name calling of individuals does come across as childish IMHO. There were those that were on CBB about his weight and I wonder when that group will pounce on CSP.

Absolutely very proud for him! this goes way beyond football!

Life is fragile. Too many more important things than sports.

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It’s not really funny with the Tito label.

If anybody believes that bielema had enough of a drinking problem that it ultimately cost him his job and the subsequent effects on his family, then it is a serious problem.

And if you’ve ever had a friend with a drinking problem then you know how bad it can be. Know two good kids whose dad drank himself to death.

If you don’t believe his problem was bad enough to cost him his job, then labeling him as if he is a drunk diminishes and makes fun of those who actually do suffer with alcoholism.

But hey if acting like an immature 14 year old makes you happy, keep it up with the labels.