Students submit arena court name proposal … nolan-ric/

Good for them!

It sounds like a good idea to me!
I still wonder why # 30 isn’t retired with Scotty Thurman’s name handing from the rafters!

What about Todd Day? Or Lee Mayberry?

There are 4/5 I think should be up there. As for Nolan. It’s about time.

This is one student proposal the higher-ups need to heed.

This needs to happen next year. Trying to consider a high-profile game to honor - maybe Bob Huggins at West Va? Tark is gone. Pitino’s son at Minnesota?

I’m OK with naming the court. I would also be OK with naming the practice center for Nolan, since, after all, 40 Minutes of Hell was coined by Hog guard Scott Rose to describe PRACTICE under Nolan. Or both.

As for retiring numbers, schools are getting away from that. North Carolina, for instance, retires jerseys but rarely numbers. There are 51 jerseys hanging in the rafters at the Dean Dome, but only eight retired numbers.

To retire a number, UNC requires that a player be consensus first- or second-team All-America, or MVP of a national championship team as voted by coaches and teammates, or MVP of the Final Four, or win an Olympic gold medal in basketball. Interestingly, a player on their current roster has his jersey in the rafters; Joel Berry was MVP of the Final Four last year.

If we applied those criteria, Scotty Thurman wouldn’t be retired. But here’s who would be:

Corliss Williamson – Final Four MVP, All-American
Joe Kleine – Olympic gold medal
Alvin Robertson – Olympic gold medal. Post-NBA legal troubles aside.
Sidney. Obviously.
Ron Brewer. All-American
Todd Day. All-American.

Bake you are right. The hogs have a back log of players that should be honored by having their number and name hanging from the rafters.

Who cares about the players, that’s a discussion for a later time.

I absolutely applaud the students for addressing this issue the court should have long been named after Coach Richardson. Yeah some may say he and the University went through a rough spot when he was fired. That’s true but the actions he displayed after he was fired was the same fire and grit he used to build a NC Basketball program. The man was a fighter!!! I don’t believe he took anything in his life lying down.
Hopefully the students push the right bottoms and I see NOLAN RICHARDSON on the court next year!

Agree with Richardson Court.

Question: where are all of those conference and NCAA banners that used to hang in Barnhill?

To me that used to be so prideful for us and intimidating for opposition.

I don’t get to BWA often as I love out of state, but being back to a game over holidays I was disappointed to see our rafters empty of so much history.

I wonder if any chance of re creating all those banners so the history is readily seen in the rafters.,

I believe this is the correct list. Can’t argue with it at all. But I thought Sidney’s number was already retired. My favorite Hog basketball player ever.

Sidney’s 32 is retired, which is why I used the word “obviously”.

I had a discussion on another board about the practice facility. Originally, I thought naming the Practice Facility “The Nolan Richardson Basketball Center” would be a fitting name. Giving Eddie’s name to the court and having a statue of Nolan outside BWA. Then it was pointed out to me that Eddie already has a court named after him, I believe in Stillwater. I now agree that Nolan’s name should be on the court (as should “the slobberin hog”). I do think Eddie should have a “wing” in the Basketball Center.

Now as for the players, using the criteria you listed is interesting.

My personal list: I actually looked at the Triplets, MayDay, Big O, Corliss, Scottie, Walker, Alvin, Joe. But we also had older guys who should be listed

Here is a list of All-Americans: … ricans.php

I was actually shocked Big O wasn’t, the Kok guy was the first “big man” on campus. (Not referring to his size)

Yep, Eddie’s name is on the court at Stillwater.

As I posted above, I’d be OK with the court, or the practice center, or both, named for Nolan. Especially since (surprisingly) nobody gave enough money to get their name on the practice center. I looked up the list of AA players as well. The requirement for consensus 1st- or 2nd-team AA status eliminated a few people like John Adams (another 1940s star) and George Kok. And yes, Mayberry and Marvin Delph.

I don’t think Olympic Gold Medal should figure into whose number is retired by the Razorbacks. I don’t see the connection. If we use Olympic gold medal as a criterion, then Joe Johnson would qualify for what he has done in the NBA and for having competed for the USA on the World Championship team.

I don’t necessarily disagree, but UNC, and Duke as well (very similar to UNC’s), have devised objective criteria for hoisting a jersey into the rafters. I just applied their criteria to Arkansas hoops history. Winning a FIBA world championship would, I think, be a suitable objective criterion as well. I don’t really care what they do at the next level otherwise. Sidney’s jersey isn’t up there for what he did in Milwaukee.