Students are planning a whiteout for Auburn

But that leaves about 16000 non-students who may or may not get the message. Or cooperate.

One thing about whiteouts, you can see them, especially indoors. If everyone wears red with the red seats at BWA, sometimes you can’t tell very well.

As I watched the televised game last evening remembering the white-out Auburn-BAMA game I felt the BWA crowd had a level of generated energy far beyond that of the Auburn orchestrated response. The Razorback fan diversity and depth of color worked well with the focused theater lighting in bringing the fan participation into the court toward, not the upper sections or balcony. It seemed clear there is improvement in attendance with new arenas at Auburn and others. It is also clear with winning BB, but BWA will soon be back in the upper tier of attendance for college-on-campus arenas at the same level that existed between the opening BWA and its first decade of operation. Leave “white-outs” for programs with fans that are new to wining basketball.


Wasn’t our last white out against Syracuse in the Bud? That didn’t go so well

The University put out communication yesterday on it.

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