Students and masks

Watching the Georgia/State game and the Vol/Auburn game I noticed a ton of students not wearing masks nor socially distancing.

Did our students do the same today?

I hope they were wearing masks and social distancing. You go to college to get an education.

Did you not watch the game?

Watched every minute but the SECN didn’t show students. At least that I remember.

Our student section is VERY impressive. They have to be the most socially distanced student section that I have seen. Pretty much all of them have masks on when they show them on the big screen.

I even took a picture at the beginning of the game saturday because I was so impressed at how they are spread out.


That’s probably the biggest difference in us, and others. Now, with about a minute left in the Tennessee game, they weren’t socially distanced, they all rushed down to the railing to sing “Hard to be Humble” with the team after the game.

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