Student section

The student section has been full for the Kentucky and Auburn games.

Did the three day weekend keep the students away today or was there something else going on on the campus? The student section was only half full today.

Baseball game!


It was a busy day on the Hill. Basketball, Baseball and the Indoor Track Meet too!

Lastly, a lot of students have the Flu.


No excuse, poor support from students all year. Baseball first pitch at 2, basketball at noon. I made both, missed first inning of baseball.

Game was at noon.

I can’t speak for other games but the students showed up en masse for the Kentucky games and were awesome.

The student’s for the most part, don’ t show at any of the games on the hill.The Kentucky
basketball game was an exception.

Have you been to the games this year? I’ve been to every home game. Student section yesterday was by far the worst it’s been but was still half full. The noon start time and 3 day weekend was the reason. Students have definitely shown up this year.

Not all, but most.

Crowd appeared really good on TV. And loud.

Maybe not as many students at early Sat game.

But our crowds on Saturdays this year at least on TV appear very good and remind me how great our fans are seen nationally, and how great they can be with more consistent winning.

We have a great basketball fan legacy, knowledgeable fans, and fans hungry for winning ball despite all the fits and starts of last 20 years.

I am there every conference game. Student do show up for all important games.

Crowd was very good yesterday. Although Kentucky was really full, Auburn less full and yesterday even less full. In addition to half empty student section, one of the section in upper bowl was totally empty. And you could see empty seats throughout. Maybe 1500 no shows. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is tickets sold and revenue that comes with it.

I was wondering about that.

Percentage to total campus enrollment and students at game is extremely low. My daughter and son in law, both graduates were questioning the same lack of interest from student body. With the exception of Kentucky, way too many empty seats in student section. I wish something from this post would go viral throughout campus and get them in the arena.

Students like winning, if we’re winning, they show up, simple as that. I’m sure some headed to the baseball game instead, sun and drinking beats losing and no drinking, lol. We may not like what it is, but I’ve had 2 up there over the past 8 years, and it’s just the way it is.

With social media and “other things”, there are more student distractions and commitments nowadays than in the 60s-2000s… Last 10 years for sure has seen student interests down a lot, especially at BB games. Baseball is fun, since it is outside in the nice weather usually. Yesterday was a bit cool. Football is the beginning of the year for a student, new friends etc and the student section is usually filled.

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