Stuck in quicksand

That’s where Bret is currently.

It seems as he’s reached a point where anything he does or says will catch criticism. I see there are now articles out pointing out that he’s blaming the OL and not the coaching for the poor play. These comments stuck out to me in the PC, but I thought it went without notice for the most part. It seems as if he basically threw these kids under the bus, similar to how he handled the Hedlund situation. Not a good trend.
I hate that we’ve come to this point, but Brets a grown man and will have to either find a way out of his self made hole, or go deeper.

These next two weeks will probably have gasoline thrown in the fire at his every remark.

You are absolutely right! It has reached a point where everyone has a something critical to say about ANYTHING CBB says or does, and a lot of it is from posters on this board!
I don’t give a flying flip about what people outside the Razorback family have to say about our coach. I can get plenty of that from our fans who post on this board.
The problem is our OL! I know it, you know it, and anyone who has watched us play knows it. It has been a noticeable problem for several weeks now. Not a surprise!
There has been a ton of criticism from posters on this board about this OL. Why is it surprising that CBB acknowledges that the OL is not playing well?
I’ve heard coach take responsibility and accountability for the lack of success of the OL. My issues with coach are why are we so weak on the OL? Why haven’t we recruited better and why are we so thin with Olinemen?
You can only do so much to develope a player. If they don’t have the skill level to play the position, then you either miss evaluated the player or he just isn’t SEC material. It seems to me that both apply here.
I like CBB and I pray for his success and I pray for the success of our football program. He is a good man and runs a clean program. Yes, let’s go find a better good man who wins more games. Good luck!
Ole Miss had their good man who won games and look where they are!
Whether CBB stays or goes, it’s not up to me. It’s up to the BOT’s
I live out of state and can’t attend games like I wish I could. But I can tell you that if I was able, I am not going to further tarnish the image of my beloved Razorbacks by not attending games, by wanting to forfeit games or hoping for lighting! We have known for awhile that AL and AU games would be tough games and probably losses, so why are still talking like the next two weeks are crucial to the keeping CBB??
I’m frustrated and disappointed which where our program is, but I see too many people who just want to blow the whole thing up! fire everyone! Wouldn’t that be great for stability in our program.
I’ll support CBB as long as he is our coach. We just have to recruit better. We have got to get SEC quality players.
That has always been our problem.
This is just my opinion, for what it’s worth.
Go Hogs!

I admire your support for CBB, but your response begs a few questions and for sake of argument let’s assume the next two games are big losses and Arkansaa goes on to have a losing season.

Q1 You say recruiting better players is the key. How is CBB going to upgrade recruiting if he’s clearly on the hot seat in 2018 and recruits are exposed to national and media regional pundits that describe the Arkansas program as a dumpster fire? Does that make Arkansas attractive to quality recruits?

Q2 If Arkansas finishes 5-7 or worse and CBB is retained significant staff changes are coming. If coaches are fired or leave on their own who will want to replace them? Who will want to make a bet on the guy on the hottest seat in the country?

If you answer those questions honestly then you’ll see why Mr. Long has a decision to make that really, at the end of the day, is not that hard.

I do think CBB is in the unenviable position where he can’t win no matter what he says. Every syllable has a hidden meaning. He threw the OL under the bus like Hedlund, yet what he said is nowhere near what many posters here and critics have said. He says why certain players aren’t on the field, which is “throwing them under the bus,” and yet every week it is questioned here why those players aren’t playing. He can’t win with some people. But that’s life.