I think it was NT Jonathon Marshall who claimed to be the strongest man on the team in 2020. He also said the second strongest was a guard he went up against every day in practice. I don’t remember whether that was Limmer or Latham…I’d guess the latter, but wondering if anybody knows for sure. Whichever, doubt that he is first or second these days. not necessarily the most important trait, but still interesting to know.

It was Beaux Limmer

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This is the story where Marshall made those comments about Limmer.

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Thanks, guys. I see Limmer was said to be 305 back then. Apparently, he has not gained a bit since then…MAYBE he plays better at 300-305.

Strength can be a “funny” thing. I remember 18-20+ years ago we had a guard who was said to bench 600 lbs! Almost unheard of then or now. Whoever that was did get to the pro’s but not sure if he had a lengthy or notable career.

Steve Korte.


was a center and did have a nice Saints career, stayed on the northshore and his kid had a nice high school career. Korte came out of Colorado benching more than 500 lbs and got better, but it was way longer than 20 years ago. Late 70’s early 80’s big man on campus, drafted and played entire career with Saints. Never weighed 300 lbs but easily benched official 585 but did top 600 in weight room. There was a great picture of him curling his girlfriend on his bicep that I cannot find on google. Really good citizen as he self characterized himself. I would take as many of him as I could get.

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Yeah, more like 40 years ago (Korte).

A 600 pound bench press just boggles my mind!

Well, I did a CYA with 20+…20+ could mean 50 :sweat_smile:

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