Strongest Arkansas high school program?

At my job, when I open the browser the default page is full of news stories and clickbait links. I saw one of the clickbaits was the top high school sports program in each state, so I decided to see what it was for Arkansas, expecting Bentonville, Springdale, someone like that. And I see… Pine Bluff? Really? The Zebras haven’t won a state title in anything that I can remember, not that I pay that much attention any more. What do you guys think?

I’d think bentonville, Nashville, Pulaski academy are some of the top. That’s just some that come to mind for me though, I know there’s several more.

Zebes have won plenty of championships. Just not many lately.



are we talking way back machine here Rocky? or just recently? way back would be hard to beat LR Central esp in the Wilson Matthews era, and then their track stars. I don’t buy any of the small schools because that is what they are just competing and succeeding at their level which means the Warren, Osceola, Greenwood types. No way the Zebras ever make the top all time and esp not currently. It is a very provocative and click baiting top that appeals to the bias in all of us. I skipped the rationale and justification as to how the PBZ’s could have gotten there, but the methodology must have been flawed and certainly biased.

What sports writer and from what news outlet did this come from?
How accurate was this for other states.

Sounds like someone just winging it without facts.