'Strong-willed guys' fuel Arkansas' underrated defense

Many Arkansas-related talking points nationally center on the team’s offense and its scoring threats. Now it’s time to start giving the Razorbacks the credit they deserve on the other end.

“We’re an underrated defensive team,” Eric Musselman said.

Aloha Scottie,

Mahalo for another great article. A lot of objective research was obviously conducted by yourself. You’re spoiling us!


We took down a T-Tech team that had won 9 Big 12 games and began the season at around #7. That was a very tough Tech team, they played everyone tough, having many “almost wins”. I felt they were underrated as a 6 seed. Nevertheless, our D was every bit as good as theirs last Sunday.

Frankly, I think playing a salty Colgate team along with Tech demonstrates that this year’s Hogs are a pretty good team. While ORU may be better than they were in December, these Hogs are much better than they were in December.

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