Stromberg flips to Arkansas … ment-hogs/

I think we stole one here, if OU doesn’t come in late & steal him from us.

Awesome Job guys! this kid can play and I think has a chance to play early…blows my mind he doesn’t have more offers but glad he doesn’t he will be a player for us!!

I think it would be foolish to go to OU they have a FR C that is the best in the country…I hear we are looking at him at C which is perfect for him.

we had 4 spots left and we went with a Tulsa commit with no power five offers, not even from his home state smh idk idk

He’s a diamond in the rough, a late bloomer!! Duh!!

I actually do agree his tape is good, better than some of our ol commits.

I don’t think Rathcke is good at all, also not sold with Latham.

Of our 4 freshman OL commits, not counting Arkansas offers, they have a whopping combined 6 P5 offer, with Limmer having 4 of them. That’s abdoluteky awful in my eyes.

i agree that Latham and Rathke don’t look as good but this kid and Limmer can play and Cunnigham as well Nwanna has potential and I really like Winkel who was hurt all last yr,we are building a solid OL with Gatlin and Capps getting better,don’t give a crap where the offers come from these kids can play…

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trust me Arkansas 870 this kid can play all you have to do is watch the tape he had the best nike results of any G in the nation and he’s 40 lbs lighter now so he will be even better…

Youdaman - I know you have experience coaching OL. Can you elaborate on that? I know you have a passion for line play and have coaching experience and am just curious about your background. I certainly listen when you comment on line play given you have coached the position.

I coached Hs ball for 30+ yrs but retired this yr unless I get an offer somewhere…he is extremely well coached! has perfect pad level(low and fires his hips) he knows how to combo block meaning he will start off blocking(securing) the man in front of him but will
then slide to to LB…Has great weight distribution in Pass blocking meaning he sits perfectly balanced with weight back and doesn’t get his weight over his toes(something Nwanna needs work on).

Youdaman is the reason I’m not upset about this (2* OL per Rivals).

I really like that when he was measured and tested well he weighed 320 and now weighs 280. So he comes in ready to build the college OL body rather than drop a bunch of fat and then start to build good strength and muscle mass.

So, how would you rank our OL recruits this year? For example 1. Cunningham, 2. This kid

Can’t agree more.

I don’t feel its fair to rank them in any order …all of them will need to adjust to the physicality in the toughest division in the nation but I can see us getting better up fron with these last 3 guys and others have potential…

Once the young man gets praises from Youdaman I’m not going to have anything negative to say. He looks like he plays from the snap to the whistle something we have missed extremely bad.
The rankings and star power sure don’t mean the young man can’t play.
Is it realistic the young man could get ready to compete next fall for playing time?

Very hard to play as true freshman against sec talent but this kid is well-coached if he can physically hang in there there is a possibility.

Richard, I may have overlooked it, but is he signing tomorrow?




[/quote]Good deal. Thanks, Richard.