Stromberg and Wagner

When anyone hears anything, please post it here. I was pleased with the win (though KJ still needs polish…but he also hit some big plays, so good on him)…but I am super concerned about Ricky and Dalton. We need Dalton. And we REALLY can’t lose Ricky.


Haven’t heard anything but really good sign Ricky stood on the sideline in pads for the duration of the game.


I think Stormberg will probably be Ok,never saw Wagner so don’t know how he got hurt but we will need them both next week for sure.

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Wagner was (basically) slumped over in a chair on the sideline for the first half. Could barely walk to the locker room, and did not reappear after half.

Stromberg had an icebag wrapped around the knee for a while but it disappeared after about five minutes.

I saw Stromberg and the announcers even mentioned, stayed on the side line for the 2nd half. Dom Johnson took a head blow making a block and didn’t come back in the game also.

I have watched the whole game again. I can’t establish a specific snap in which Dalton got hurt. He was in, we scored a TD, he looked fine to me…and then he never came back.

Wagner re-injured his back, not sure on his status.

Wagner has had issues with his back throughout camp. Don’t know if this is worse but he walked gingerly to a chair and did not move until it was time to walk slowly to locker room.

Sam said Dominique got the wind knocked out. I thought it was a shoulder stinger, but I’ll go with what Sam said. Thought he was fine and could have returned.

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I was hoping big Crawford might be ready to play but judging by what we did yesterday they don’t think he’s ready.

The HI Curse…


I’ve never believed in a jinx or a curse. We had Darren McFadden and Matt Jones on a bunch of covers.


I’ll go back and apply an appropriate emoticon. I wasn’t being serious … simply an attempt at a humorous reference to the historical “SI Curse.”

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Yes, well played. I laughed. So mission accomplished.

No I’ve always thought that stuff was so ridiculous about jinxes on covers :pleading_face::pleading_face:

I’ve never believed in jinxes or curses—but I’m still convinced if I’d stayed in my seat just as I had for three quarters and not left just before it happened, James Street would not have broke that big run for a TD in 1969. :blush:


nea, you’re right. It’s all on you.

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The guilt I feel is overwhelming

You are the one!! that also caused those texass refs to overlook the clip that sprung him?

We’ll, neastie … you shouldn’t; don’t you know it’s totally bad luck to do so?

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As my friend says, “It’s bad luck to be superstitious.”