Strollin with Nolan

I gotta admit. I became Nolan’s b***h when he pulled that stunt in Austin in front of Tom Penders. :lol: :lol: :lol:

He had to go to the bathroom!


I’m sure that’s what it was. :smiley:

Penders threw a gargantuan fit when Nolan came back out onto the sideline. Tried everything he could think of to get the refs to toss Nolan.

Good ole Sweet Tom as Nolan used to call him:grinning:. I wonder if Penders is still alive?

Not sure, but I actually quoted him in my retirement speech from the USAF.

“The best way to safe face is to keep the lower half of it shut!” :lol:

February 4, 1990…one of my favorite wins over TexASS. Lee Mayberry hit a long 3 to tie it up in regulation. Nolan came out for OT and we kicked their smelly behinds. Ernie Murry had some nice assists and a nice 3 in OT. Day had fouled out but Big O, Howell, Hurey and gang played their hearts out. We were #3 in the nation.

What a win!

I’m ready to see that kind of basketball again.

Cryin’ Tom Penders is still very much alive. Retired from coaching after Cougar High fired him in 2010.

For an Arkansas Razorback living in Austin, I can tell you that game hurts Longhorns as much as anything in their basketball history.

And it’s glorious.

That’s the great thing about our basketball rivalry with Texas in the SWC. We were finally doing to them in basketball what they’d done to us in football for decades, and it drove them crazy.

That was a defining Nolan moment and the players knew it…