Stringing together Good BB Classes

2014 and 2015 Recruiting seems like a distant … bad memory now.

2016 - 3 top 5 Juco guys, 3 High School guys that may have flown under the radar (at least 2 of them for sure did), High school Walk-on that was outstanding in HS and wanted to be a Hog, and a solid Jr D1 transfer that looks like he may be the starting PF for the next two years.

2017 - 3 Big time Arkansas Recruits that turned down some Huge offers elsewhere to become razorbacks. One of which is not ranked… but I think he’s under-rated. Still may pick up another big one in that class.

2018 - Great shooter (from Arkansas), Great Post/All-Around player from GA, and 2 or 3 other STRONG possibilities that are highly sought after

2019 - Really good Athletic PG from Arkansas.

Things are looking up. For a while… everything looked like it was going to hell on roller skates with Kerosene Drawers on… but now things are looking pretty darn good. Congrats to Mike and his staff. Great Job Guys.

Is there any school in the nation that has more combined commits for the 2017/2018/2019 class? We have 6 right now, possibly 7 on Friday.

We have had (on paper) since…the 90s? Has to be, right (particularly if they close 2018 with Henderson and Sills, as expected.

It’s funny. The other night–and I am embarrassed to admit this–I couldn’t sleep and I ended up watching a movie called “Love and Basketball” that was released in 2000.

They had a fake ESPN segment with Dicky V talking about the main character going to USC.

He said (paraphrasing): the kid could have gone to any of the national powerhouses–UK, Duke, Arkansas".

It made my head hurt. This recruiting is making think we can finally reverse the curse.

Lol. Don’t be ashamed Pig … Not the greatest quality of movie, but that movie has become a staple of the Black community. One of the few movies that’s centered around sports and the Black community that doesn’t have somebody getting shot every 5 minutes. Actually a pretty popular movie amongst African Americans.

Hey … I’m confident that we’re gonna get mentioned amongst the best again … We’re back on the right track.

Yes I knew that and that’s one reason I watched it (that and the 90s nostalgia).

I went to a HS athletic banquet a few years ago and seemingly every kid listed that movie as their favorite.

I thought it was pretty good and agree that it was a rare positive movie that mostly stayed away from tired stereotypes.

It seems like our recruiting efforts have picked up mightily since the end of the last season leading to these amazing commitments. What is the difference?

I know it is waaaaaay early but as of now our class rankings on 247 is:

2017 #9 National
2018 #1 National
2019 #2 National

For those asking Perry is #78, Henderson is #100, Joe is #113, Sills is #114

Perry is going to jump way up when all the services update their ratings.

I’ve heard all 4 and Hall will jump up.

There has always been effort to recruit. But, this is the first time in years that Arkansas High Schools has a bunch of talent available
over the next couple of years. Thinking way back when Sutton was coaching, The Tripletts were coming available over a couple of years period and he signed all three. This propelled Razorback basketball for Coach Sutton’s program for years to come! Enter Nolan, he had to establish quickly, his type of players were not on campus. He got Ron Huery somehow out of Memphis and milked that area hard along with the State players to fill in. Mike has not had but a handful of instate players to recruit but losing the likes of Archie Goodwin and Monk did not help. One thing he’s done is start recruiting very young players here in Arkansas like the Great AAU programs we have here in the 16/17 and under classes. He has a real friend in Bill Ingram of the Arkansas Hawks as well as Bobby Portis/Wings group that he sponsors. This sets up well for Mike grabbing Arkansas kids going forward (unless Caliparri wants a top 10 Arkansas talent) spit!
So if Mike can prove that he can win big with this talent he has coming in, Kentucky may not be a factor for taking our instate talent even if they offer.! Is there a Bobby Portis among this committed group coming in? A Moncreif, Brewer,Delph? I think so.

*Gafford,Hall,Garland,Sills,Joe,Perry,Hill Jr, with Henderson could be a reckoning?

I’d say that Garland has most the tools needed to become that next great player.

The sleeper, I think, is Hall. I’ve seen this kid several times. He’s a great defensive player and an outstanding athlete with a good mid-range Jumphsot. If he polishes up the outside shot and get’s more range to it… look out. He could be the Qualls/Howell of this group.

Since Gafford committed so long ago, there is a tendency to forget how good he is.

I don’t forget him at all. I just stated who’s most likely to be the next star in my opinion. Gifford is more athletic and longer I think than Bobby. Certainly a lot of raw skill. Tenacious when finishing around the basket. Skill-wise,if he learns to do some (not necessarily all) of the things that Bobby did away from the basket, he could be real special.

Comparing to Bobby is not appropriate here IMO. Way different players. I’ve been a little critical of Gafford’s skill level, but there’s no denying his upside. That’s why he’s ranked where he is.

Gafford has the chance to make money via shot blocking, rebounding and affecting the game other ways via his athleticism. Physically, he’s probably going to turn into a monster. His body is ripe for it.

From a skill standpoint, he’ll probably never be where Portis was and is. Nor, the scorer. But, he can be just as valuable.

I don’t think I was comparing their games… I compared their athletic ability, which I think is fair. I’m just trying to say that with his greater athleticism, he doesn’t have to do Everything Bobby did (Shooting 3’s, Post up game, Exceptional Mid-range game, Creating off the dribble, Face up Post game etc.) to be great. Since he’s more athletic, if he can develop just some of those things that Bobby did (Post up game and Develop the 15ft Jumper), he can be an iconic type player that we’ll mention in the same breath as some of the Hog Greats.

Hey don’t feel bad…I watched Sixth Man recently (horrible, horrible movie) and experienced a similar thing. Dickie V talking about the NCAA tournament and how Arkansas and Duke are the favorites to win it all. The team in the movie actually play Arkansas. Nolan Richardson on the sideline and all.

2019 has two good prospects (within state) and one committed, I’ve also seen 2020 has 3 very good players (2 are already in Future 150 rankings, 1 of which is catching Monk type press). So, if CMA keeps landing the instate talent, we will have a good stretch of classes