String of lawbreakers

Ole Miss awaits it’s verdict. Gonna be bad I suspect. Is Auburn next? Yes, I’d think. Then Florida? Ugh, perhaps. Tennessee knocking on the door. But you who I have my eyes on? Big O at LSU, that’s who. Remember he was in on the last round at the Oxford school. It’s in the blood, er water down there, you know.

Que the Gus Sniffers. :smiley:

OM, Louisville, Baylor, etc are bad enough that the NCAA has to take some action now and more in the future.

I predict OM will be angry and desperate enough take down Misstake if at all possible. OM fans I talk to think Bama is behind the effort to get the NCAA involved early on. They could start swinging at Bama if the SEC office doesn’t act like they expect.

AU and TN are my next 2 that have gone over the top on recruiting.

They can swing at Bama all they want (and yes I think Bama cheats) but the NCAA isn’t going to do anything to Bama other than say “what can we do for you, sir.”

I agree with you about the NCAA not touching Bama. OM fans and boosters are using a defense that “everybody is cheating” and pointing fingers at other SEC schools.

This beginning to resemble the SWC back in the day. Everyone ratting each other out. But…“if you do the crime you have to do the time”.

It’s funny you mentioned the SWC ratting each other out because a buddy of mine just mentioned that yesterday. We feel that is where this is headed. You can sense a change in SEC brethren’s support for Bama, because the Bama domination is getting very old. AU and TN will do anything to take down Bama, but right now I would assume TN and AU are much dirtier than Bama. OM does not like AU at all. OM, Misstake and LSU all hate each other enough to turn the others in. TN and UF hate each other and they both have things to hide. It could get very interesting.

But wait, I thought Bucky and Nicky were golfing buddies?