Strictly hypothetical, but how many think we could have kept Gaggies from getting a FG try

if Cam had made it, there was plenty of time and big plays in the Gaggies to probably get in position for their own FG. Max Johnson seemed to have a flow to his game that would have succeeded. I did think that our pass rush had gotten better later in the game but his tackle breaking scrambles and talented WR’s (see Stewart) just made me worry about the minute plus left on the clock. Seems to be a staple of today’s game, I’m not saying a Mahomian effort but I thought we gave up big plays and poorly tackled to make a FG attempt probable even if Cam made his kick.

I’ll just say the game wasn’t over if Cam had made it…games these days aren’t over when a team takes a lead inside of 30 sec. :sunglasses:

No doubt in my mind, A&M wouldn’t get across mid-field.


The better theoretical question is whether the Aggies would have had enough time to do anything if we had not had the bad snap on second and five shortly before the field goal. Their defense was reeling and we had two downs to make five yards. Make that first down and you either end up with a short field goal or you end up scoring the TD with the Aggies with little time and maybe no time outs when they get the ball back.

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I was watching a game Sat can’t remember which, no timeouts and less than 30 sec, guess what?

Chiefs / Bills playoff game last year really sticks in my mind…I think it was 13 secs after the Bills scored.
Started at the 25, two sideline passes, 50 +yd field goal.


Of all the bad plays or non-plays of the game, the uncharacteristic bad snap by Stromberg was the defining play of the game in my (usually worthless) opinion. We could have run down the clock and either scored a TD or kicked a makeable FG. The Aggies would have little time to score.

The saddest sight I saw the entire game was a shot of Stromberg with a towel over his head and tears streaming down his face. No one felt as bad as he did.


I know its common mantra to say… its a team game, its a team loss, yada yada yada. I mostly agree with that. Missed opportunities throughout the game never show their importance until the very end.

Still, in that close game if I could have one play do-over it comes down to a single instance for me. And no I’m not going to pick the KJ leap. DO I think he should have done that? NO. I’m just as happy seeing him plow forward. No one is jumping in from 4 yards out. That’s like the Dr J Dunk from the FT line, maybe 1 or 2 people in the history of the game could do it. KJ is not one of those.

I think the game boiled down to the bad snap by Stromberg. I can’t say for sure that guarantees a win, but I’ll take those odds. WE would be closer, have more downs to run clock or even get a TD. IF a FG would have been necessary, it would have been a much closer chip shot. Would Little have made it, I don’t know, but I’d like those odds.

I feel very badly for Stromberg and I’m sure he feels even worse, but it is what it is and it happened.
Now time to move on to Bama and I’ll let this game just wash over me like water on a ducks back and think no more of it… otherwise that path leads to frustration and angst.

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It’s too bad this game had so many plays that were the difference in the game. KJ’s leap-fumble, the bad snap near the goal line, & the missed FG were the most obvious. But. to answer the question, I think it was only about 50-50 that we’d have kept A&M from a potential game winning FG with about 1:35 left in the game. We’d have been up by one point. We’d have to play somewhat soft D to prevent the big play, but A&M had time to dink & dunk to get from the 25 (where they almost certainly would have started) to get to our 20-25 yd line where they had a very good chance to make the FG.

Obviously I’d like to have had the chance to stop such a drive, though. Had we not had the bad snap, we’d have likely scored a TD & left only about 1:20 or so on the clock with a 5 point lead. It would have been hard for A&M to drive for a TD.

I don’t think the game boiled down to a bad snap by Strom, There were MULTIPLE
errors. That was just the last one, well, besides the FG. :sunglasses:

I thought the 1st quarter swing killed us, we didn’t do squat after that till we woke up in the 4th.

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Getting back to the original question. I do not think our defense could stop them form getting in FG range. They had plenty of time and some TOs as well. Perhaps they could have got a big sack or a fumble or intercep. If we went into that prevent thing, it is 90% sure they would have got in good FG range. Our guys could not run with them and tackled poorly when they caught up to them and I think about the 2nd and 30 or whatever. We leave one of their main studs wide, wide open right in the middle of the field for a first down by 2 yds. It only takes one of those plays to get into FG range.

This defense keep them from getting into FG position?. I really doubt it. Wish we had a chance to find out.

All I know is it would have been an agonizing minute and a half…


I agree. Of course if any of those what-if plays earlier in the game go the other way, we probably win, but the bad snap ended the hopes of a touchdown (or of running the clock down to zero and then kicking) and made the FG 9 yards farther/harder.

Of course, the absence of the bad snap possibly makes this thread moot. Instead of kicking from where we did, we kick a lot closer and possibly little or no time to come back – and their star kickoff returner was injured (now out for the season).

One more thing. There has been mention of getting the ball centered before Cam’s doink, but if you look at NFL extra points since they moved it back to the 15, many kickers prefer to kick from one of the hashmarks rather than dead center. Cam may have a similar preference.

aTm converting a 2nd & 30 on their last FG drive. Just as we were about to sack Johnson for another big loss. Instead he heaves a prayer & caught for 32 yard gain.

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I believe the momentum we would have had at that time would have propelled us to victory, but we will never know. WPS

I understand that is his preference. Regardless, from that distance I don’t think the angle hurt him. He just pushed it. Six inches to the left & it’s good.

My primary problem with that is, why not go ahead and try to get a first down instead of just having KJ dance to the middle of the field (I believe he actually lost a yard). I think it was 3rd and 9 or 10…certainly within reason to convert. Just don’t take chances if someone is covered. Or, at least, run the ball with purpose and try to get closer.

I just didn’t see the value in settling for a FG attempt when the opportunity for more (or at least running the clock further and getting closer before the FG attempt) was an option.


I’m not sure he was trying to position the ball for the FG. I think he wanted to pick up yards but they stopped him.

I haven’t had the desire to watch the replay, but my recollection is that he just slid over a couple of steps (first priority) and then tried to move forward, but it wasn’t a play designed to gain yards FIRST, which it should have been, IMO. And, as mentioned, I really think we should have tried a play-action pass and actually convert the first down.

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