Strength coach

Maybe its time to take a good look at him. We got pushed all over the field by a finesse team.

I was thinking exactly the same thing.

At the least it doesn’t seem we are developing the talent we have.

And not playing physical.

I Think it’s more of a mindset and scheme than weight room…

Now some want Herbert gone…really? My gosh how many more piñatas will we whip until we get to the heart of the matter - Ash, Chaney, Pittman (after he left), Robb Smith, and now Herbert.

Who hired all of these people? Who gets paid $4.6mm to produce? I follow Danny Sheridan on Twitter and I can tell you he’s figured it out and he’s not upset with Ben Herbert, but rather is asking the types of questions that need to be asked to Bielema about accountability and his leadership of the program. I expect others in the national media will follow suit leading in to A&M and afterwards.

It’s about time.