Strength and Conditioning

I have tried to figure out why we have underachieved this year. One answer I keep going back to is strength and conditioning. A lack of strength and speed are evident. Is anyone else concerned with a seeming lack of strength and speed on the team.

Until we spend the money to play with the best, we will constently finish where we historically do in the SEC.

No shortage of money.

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I will also say I’m a firm believer in Walker.

Richard we discussed this before …. Even after what you saw on the field today you still don’t think we have an issue with S&C?

It’s so obvious….

Mizzou’s DL has been very good all year. Offensively they had very little success on first down. Plenty of blame to go around there,

Someone better offer more NIL money or we are the best we can be.

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Richard we got whipped, even Sam said so…. We are not strong enough…. And I’m not even going to ask about how weak or DL is ….

They gave Ga, heck. There’s a reason for that. Arkansas isn’t the only one to struggle against their DL.

Only way to overcome that is have sucess on first down. Like I said elsewhere. A lot of blame to go around.

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Its not the S&C coach. Its not the coordinators. Its not the HC. It is not the NIL. It is the talent that has accumulated on the roster. Pittman inherited about 15 SEC-level players. He has coached up a few he inherited and added to that some meaningful talent via the portal and recruiting/development.

If you want to be good, then be good. To attract that elite talent you have to show them big win/loss records. Its why so few teams climb out of the cellar into relevance, and why so few teams climb out of relevance into elite company. Its why the BCS playoff is basically the same 7-8 teams for its entire history.

Nothing matters as much as the next set of recruits, a few of whom you have to hope bring some magic with them. We have forgotten the days when San Jose State, Western KY, and UNT had more talent than we had (by some measure).


Richard , we have struggled against most DLs…. Heck even Liberty! I am fine with your opinion of Walker …. But we are not in good conditions , heck look at how flabby Ricky looks at center… we are not physical…. You can like Walker all you want, but our lines are weak!

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Also; please explain to me how success on First down has anything to do on success on 3rd and 4th and shorts ? Hell we had to have some success on one of the previous two or three downs…. I don’t see your logic ….

If you get 2nd and medium or 3rd and short the entire playbook can be used. If 2nd and long, or 3rd and really long you take out most, if not all, running plays.

But we still can’t get a push on 3rd and short or 4th in short ….

Rumors that Walker has been let go are even starting to circulate on social media and other boards…

Oh no, Richard. He just got the axe.

He did?


PS He was fired - very interesting given the praise heaped on him by Pittman.

This move (to me) makes me think Sam does not allow friendships/past relationships dictate keeping or firing a coach. Unlike one of my favorite Hog coaches Ken Hatfield. As noted on many posts, this is a business and sentiment can’t influence decisions. I found that out the hard way in my business career.

That he did. You go 6-6 when there are higher expectations and there’s usually changes.

As noted above, Sam has praised him and I know the players think he was great for their development.

Well, glad he’s gone if that’s true. What an idiot. That’s a good way to ruin a career too.