Strength and Conditioning

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m seeing some muscles and size to or on these guys I haven’t seen very often on Hog football players. Much more SEC like.

Mike Woods is the one I noticed appearing to have much more mass. From the pics and videos lately, players are looking solid. Raheim Sanders looks like an SEC player already

Typical off season pics, be careful, the freaks may come out at night!

We have had several of these S&C coaches the past few years. I guess all of them are pretty good at what they do (seemed so at the time). They are following what the head coach wishes. Morris wanted lighter and quicker. He got lighter anyway and we see what that got. I suspect that there is not that much difference in what CBB and CSP is asking of S&C, but I think CSP wants the size, especially in the lines, without slowing the team down (not easy).

This is a very important time in the development of a team. If not done right, more injuries can occur. We may have seen that in the past as well with a lot of the guys coming down with the same problem. Sure hope our guy is good.

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