Streaming broadcast notes for the season

I see a lot of people asking a questions about when games are on TV or streaming, and I thought I would help everyone out.

Here is how TV/Streaming works with the SEC TV contract with ESPN.

  1. All non-conference home games will be streamed on the ESPN app. Once in the ESPN app, go to the SEC Network+ icon, click on that and you will be able to watch the Hogs.

  2. Every single SEC game (home and away) will be streamed on the ESPN app under the SEC Network+ icon.

  3. You DO NOT need the ESPN+ app. That is a streaming app that you have to have a paying subscription for content.

  4. There are 8 games that are going to be on TV on the family of ESPN networks this year (someone can correct me if I’m wrong).

  5. The Round Rock classic will be streamed on FloSports. You will need to download that app and then pay $30 to watch the 3 games if you want to watch.

  6. The UCA game that is played in Little Rock at Dickey Stephens Park WILL NOT be streamed, so there is no TV for this game.

I hope this help out and if anyone wants to add anything that I have missed, please feel free!



The Arkansas-Omaha game at Kauffman Stadium will be streamed on, which is affiliated with Cox. I’m not sure whether that is going to require a subscription.

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