Stream only this week

I want to remind everyone that this week’s game will only be available through a stream on ESPN+ or SEC Network+.

Andrew made this tutorial for us last year on how to watch the Rice game, which was only streamed. The same concepts still apply.

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Good job!

Stream GIFs | Tenor

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I’m going to send this to my parents.

They will probably still say, “We’ll just get updates on the computer every now and then.”


So question. I wanna watch this game In my shop where I don’t have wifi yet, so can I mirror from my iphone to my smart tv? I’ve done it b4 on local channels like cbs and it works. Wondering if espn will block me from mirroring from my Directv account off my iPhone to a smart tv.

I think you should be able to mirror.

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The ESPN app on my TV doesn’t work for any SECN+ events; it says I’m not authenticated (which is, in the words of Col. Sherman T. Potter, moose muffins). But I can dial it up on my laptop just fine, plug the laptop into the TV with HDMI cable, and watch the game that way.

Mine does that all the time on my TV… I have to sign out of my provider in the ESPN app and then reselect the provider and log back in. Annoying but it works. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t really watch anything via the app regularly or not.

Thanks! I had forgotten about doing that. Just tried it. We’ll see Saturday if it works. Or tonight on the volleyball match with Georgia Tech.

So after I logged back in, the first item I see on the main page is the Bevonet replay of the 1969 Big Shootout. Yeesh.

Streaming works fine for me except I can’t record the game. But it’s better than nothing.

All of the games are available on demand on the same platform you’ll stream the game.

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Thanks Matt. I had forgotten about that feature.

Whenever we stream on ESPN, I always try to log in an hour or so before kickoff.

I almost always have to either log out and in again or (frequently) delete the app and re-install.

It’s not terribly unusual to have to repeat this during the game.

So freaking irritating.

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I don’t need to logout on the ESPN app on my TV, it does that for me. I do try to open the app (I’m using a firestick) and go to my account before time for the event. I frequently find that I need to login. It can sometime take a few minutes to get everything logged back in.

I often have to re-authenticate when using the app on my Roku. Especially if I haven’t used it in a while. I had some issues last year with it giving me a message saying I didn’t have permission to watch the game (or something like that, I don’t remember how it was worded). That was apparently a YouTube TV issue that has hopefully been resolved since I’ve used it some since then.

I never have a problem with it on my computer, and I do have a Chromecast also on my TV, so I can cast it to my TV from the computer if for some reason the app doesn’t work on the Roku.

I basically have zero problems with ESPN+ on my phone or laptop. It’s only the TV app that gives me problems.

I have a Samsung not so smart TV and unless I’m in the app every day I almost always have to log out of my Provider, reselect a provider and log back in… I always start that process at least 30 minutes prior to game time… it just is what it is…

Anyone ever use a AV lighting adapter to mirror from iPhone to smart tv? Espn regular channels are blocked off or used to be, but I think it allows you to stream espn + channels. Any insight?

This is what we do at all our tailgates. Use a HDMI to lightning adapter for iPhone.

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Ok thanks for heads up. Are you able to mirror regular espn channels to? Espn, espn2, espnu, secn?