Strange but True

Jayson Stark of The Athletic writes a Strange But True baseball column throughout the season. He has done a series of three articles about the strangest of the 2021 season. (Paywall).

Here is just one example:

NAME OF THE GARCĂŤA GAME: Finally, was there any more momentous at-bat in postseason history than this earth-rattling development in ALDS Game 3 between the Astros and White Sox? Your historic play-by-play account looked this way:

Third inning: Garcia (Luis) pitching to García (Leury). . . . Then, in mid-at-bat, Garcia (Luis) was replaced by García (Yimi) … who then gave up a home run to — who else? — García (Leury) . . . as Garcías everywhere rejoiced (though not Luis or Yimi).

So what exactly just happened there? To be sure, I had to summon the staff of the International García Archives and Museum, which in truth consisted only of my friend, Doug Kern – who determined, through way too much multi-García research, that . . . this was, in fact, the first time in postseason (or any other kind of season) history that one García faced two more Garcías in one trip to the plate . . . And a García-palooza home run came out of it . . . which seems really unlikely . . . not to mention seems like a record that can never be broken – even in the Strange But True sport of . . .


I’ve been a big fan of Stark for years. Excellent writer

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