Strange basketball season

Oklahoma blows out Alabama by about 30 and it’s getting blown out by about 30 by a West Virginia team who comes in 13-9.

I don’t think they’re truly is a great team in the nation this year, it’s going to be an absolute war come tournament time


Do you think the portal breeds inconsistency on the court due to lack of playing time together? It’s nuts out there and no rhyme or reason for what we’re seeing, we’ve watched Ky have a big turnover year after year before the portal and see them struggle mightily at times. Now everyone has a carousel of players coming and going and very little consistency on the court, opposing what you would think by looking at the team on paper. My analogy probably doesn’t make much sense but it’s the best I can do after a long day.WPS

Actually it does make sense.
5-Star freshmen heavy teams haven’t won a natty in forever, and probably never will again.

Duke, NC, Kentucky, and us are not ranked, but we all killed the HS recruiting rankings last year.

It is all about the portal now.
Muss will sign Holland if he becomes available…probably, but no way in hell he ever signs 6 freshmen again.

Why would he?

I wouldn’t.

Different times for sure, and I think college basketball would be way better off if the NBA could draft HS players again.

As much as I loved us signing Nick, was it worth it? To me…no.
I think it has thrust our whole season into disarray, regardless of Nick’s intentions, and the frustration I see from Muss is palpable.

Muss ain’t going down this road again, and I don’t blame him.


It takes some experience to win! The speed of the game caused most it. 6 freshmen make it rough. The injuries this season caused our hogs to have problems. TB sure would have made a big difference in every game we’ve played.
Then add in Nick Smith to shoot the ball.
I haven’t seen a true dominant team this season.
Every team has faults. From TO’s to poor free throw shooting. Our hogs just can’t handle or take care of a lead and lack the killer instinct to put an opponent away. Time and score! In the LSU game it showed up just like every other loss this season. It don’t help the refs in todays game can’t keep up with the athletes playing the game.
The phantom whistle kills games. The TV timeouts kill the game too. Old man MO used to take over games not any more.

It just ain’t the same game anymore, Army…for a lot of reasons.
Very sad.

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Yes. I miss running an opponent out of us and making them fear coming to the hill! Also where the hell was that cylinder call in those traps we’ve faced like the one we had tied it up at Missouri only to be called for the foul.

In all likelihood, if we hadn’t lost two of our very best players, we wouldn’t be discussing this. We would be wondering if we would be a 3-4 seed.


1 or 2 seed!

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Yeah I think it definitely hurts your consistency as a team because you’re trying to get everybody to come together and play as one and they’re coming from all over the place sometimes being the head stud. Then you bring in freshman who most definitely have been used to be in the man and it creates a lot of indecision about what to do with the ball do I try to do it myself or do I try to be a team player and give it up to somebody else.
That’s why it takes so long to get the team into roles and then to be able to play smoothly against great competition especially on the road

I agree that very few NCAA Championships have been won by teams primarily relying on 5-star freshman players; but ironically you say “it’s all about the portal” the same night that Duke beat UNC with no portal players, led by two 5-star freshmen (Lively and Filipowski) and Jeremy Roach, and UNC’s only portal player laid an egg (1 for 10 from the field).

I think this was a bigger problem than no Smith. With Brazile, we may only have three losses right now, and two of the blowouts, might have been much closer.

I honestly believe with Brazile, we were an Elite Eight/Final Four team. If Smith played, he was the guy that was gonna get us over the hump. Without both, it’ll be hard to make the tourney. I’m hoping we finish 5-3 and at least 1 in the SECT. That’d give us 22 wins, we’ve never not danced with 22 wins.

Amen, also these freshman are coming in and at times playing against five year seniors that are physically and mentally stronger than they are and it takes a toll. Sure there are some freshman that come in are up to the rigors of a collegiate season, but the ones that are, often graduate out of high school at 19 years old instead of 17. We can visually see the difference in a 17 and 19 year old player out of high school because that age difference is huge. Add all the great freshman you can if you have a stable core coming back from the previous season. We brought 2 guys back from last years team and that is not my definition of a stable core. As far as injuries we can look around at top twenty teams losing to lesser schools and injuries impact a lot of those games every week. I still think this thing is up for grabs come Sec tournament time, lots of good teams in the Sec and everyone of them has proven to have a chink in the armor, to win exploit your opponent’s chink. WPS

Different game indeed, but I believe we have the best “adjusting” coach in the game and this could very well lead us down a path like Nolan’s nineties.

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alabama might be the best team i have seen in ten years

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Nice avatar. You paying NIL money to SwineFusion for using his picture, or are you just really bad at trolling?
Say hi to 2009 for me.

I watched the 3rd segment of the 100 Years of Arkansas Basketballl on Hogs+ this morning. I cheered when Dwight passed the ball to Scotty and he made it just like I did when it happened. Then, I felt really silly for cheering because I knew what happened. My eyes leaked a little watching that segment. The game sure has changed since then - damn those were fun times. When they showed the part about BWA opening and the crowd, I thought “man, i was so lucky to be there for that.” As we’ve discussed, your seat was better than mine!


My eyes leak a little every time I watch highlights from those days, because it was simply the best time of my life.
My seat was awesome, but there wasn’t a bad seat in the house back then either…there is just something special about knowing you are watching the best basketball team in the country.
I think Muss is getting us closer to that feeling again, but he is still battling adversity that there is no way he saw coming. I also think that that adversity will affect the way he recruits going forward, and I don’t blame him at all.


My eyes leaked too. I was in Chicago in a hotel room when Dwight made the best assist in Hog history. My eyes leaked a lot hearing Coach say he won it for Yvonne. The Bear is an Arkansas treasure.



Just curious, given how things are playing out with NSJ, do you think the coaching staff will adjust/change its recruiting strategy going forward, and if so, how?