Straight Talk

Let me preface my latest straight talk with this. Another poster with whom I don’t always agree – but do on occasion – said we need more posters who are not afraid to “disagree” or say something negative even when it’s not popular – or words to that effect – I even think he called it “straight talk”. As anyone who’s read me over the years knows, I’m not a negative poster and I am always finding the positive and the good. I am loyal to the Coaching regime – if they have proven they can win and get the job done – until the bitter end.

But as I have said lately, I am sick and tired of the circus and fiasco that is Razorback Football for the last 3 decades. I’m not a Johnny-come-lately but an RF donor at the BM level, and can talk Razorback football history with anybody and usually know more or recall things long forgotten by most.

So this is how it goes and how we are told to think as Razorback fans – and we are to accept it and repeat it often.

  1. (Old Coach) which would be Hatfield/Crowe/Ford/Nutt/Petrino/Smith/Bielema left the cupboard bare, so the current collection of the athletes cannot compete in the conference and win games. [I]This is the party line every time there is a coaching change going back to 1990.

  2. Hatfield/Crowe/Ford/Nutt/Petrino/Smith/Bielema did very bad things to the Arkansas Razorbacks, including an abysmal failure to recruit, and almost destroyed the program, and we should not like them.

  3. And as a result, Crowe/Ford/Nutt/Petrino/Smith/Bielema/Morris must be given a 4 to 5 year free pass, and we should not expect them to do anything with Razorback Football but lose in the first 4/5 seasons; and if we expect to win any sooner than that or do anything other than go .500 in year 3/4, we are being unrealistic and possibly disloyal fans.

Per the Athletic Department and the media that report on the Hogs – that’s the drill – and going back to 1990, we are on the 7th version of this chain of logic and mantra.

I am no longer buying it nor drinking the Spinning Razorback Kool-Aid.

Unfortunately what is a loyal fan and donor to do? Especially when you know some of the kids on the team and you want them to succeed?

Answer: You support them and hope that they win. And a loyal fan can do that and talk straight at the same time.

Straight talk after Auburn – the defense looked great in that game and but not for a complete and total collapse on special teams (which we are not to in any way blame on the coaches 4 games into the season :shock: :? :roll: ) Auburn would have scored 10 to 14 points.

The special teams looked like that of a team that gets blown out by the likes of North Texas.

The offense at times looked better and showed some signs of life despite scoring only 3 points.

Of course, the “let Coach Crowe/Ford/Nutt/Petrino/Smith/Bielema/Morris lose for 5 years without consequences until Crowe/Ford/Nutt/Petrino/Smith/Bielema/Morris gets his athletes” crowd and the diehard Auburn fans will explain away the improved Arkansas defense by saying that was just Auburn not playing well – and they have a point. But when the Arkansas defense holds Auburn – not North Texas or Colorado State – but an SEC contender Auburn – to yardage in the 200s – that’s impressive no matter how unmotivated and poorly Auburn played.

All that makes the point that the Razorbacks should have been 3-0 going down to the plains, and not 1-2 – with a blow-out loss on their home field to North Texas.

So, no, I’m not yet getting on the Morris train nor am I drinking the Kool-Aid at this point. But, yes, I was encouraged – which is sad for us to be saying after a 34-3 ugly loss.

I like it - pour out the Kool aid and tell it like it is! Glad to see it from you and hopefully more.

PS Bielema did wreck the bus though :smiley:

PPS We should know by the end of year 3 if we have a keeper as a HC. Anybody who says one way or another on Morris has an agenda.

I do like your posts and typically agree with you. I think there is truth and exaggeration to your numbered points.

  1. The results of the last two or three years (counting this one) shows the talent is not on par with the rest of the SEC. This coaching staff inherited a team that went 1-7 in the SEC last year and 3-5 the year before that. This program had only had one other year in which it failed to win at least two SEC games, and that was in 2013. So I do think the talent level is down relative to the rest of the league and relative to Arkansas’ time in the league. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to be competitive in some games. I think they will be competitive and possibly win a game or two in the league this year. But not many. There is a real lack of speed that has been evident on defense the past few years and was somewhat masked on offense by the old style of play.

  2. Fans like to kick the coach on the way out the door, or more specifically on their way to the door - the season when it is obvious things are going to change. I think Bielema did a number of good things for Arkansas, some of which are not going to be reflected on the field, which renders them irrelevant to some. I think he did some good things on the field in his second, third and fourth season. But you also can’t overlook the historically, unprecedented bad play in his first and final years that took the program to a level of irrelevance rarely seen before at Arkansas.

  3. I don’t think anyone believes a coach should be given a “four to five-year free pass,” but I do think people are understanding that any coaching change, and especially one with a drastic style of play change, requires patience for multiple years. Chad Morris is not going to win a lot of games this year with the players he inherited, in part because many were recruited for a different style on offense. So I do think it will be at least a few years before he can accurately be judged on either side of the ball, or in the win-loss column. If Arkansas is still getting blown out by C-USA teams and blowing huge leads to Mountain West teams next season then there should be concern. But right now I chalk it up more to a new system and a collection of players that do not know how to win, as well as being out-coached in those games. More than the talent or scheme or SEC West, that losing mindset might be the biggest hurdle for Morris to overcome. I thought there was marked improvement from the North Texas to the Auburn games. I think there is a long way to go.

Great post. Fits my feelings to a T.

excellent post…the problem with CBB is we defended him TOO long… the style of play did not attract top notch skill players and then we defended him on the “UNCOMMON” which gave him a license to recruit poorly…and he did…lazy recruiting. He was LAST in the SEC in offers every year because he said he wanted UNCOMMON…

Post of the year. Maybe the decade.

Bielema had to go but the amount of blaming/shaming and extended pass offering that’s going around is insane.

We have fans who are legitimately excited about a beat down from AU. There are people saying there are no fast athletes to run Morris’ system.

Virtually the same group won 4 and should have won 7 with an easier schedule. Allen and Ragnow and Pulley and Cornelius were hurt a lot. They still could have/should have won 7.

This group could have/should have won 5-6. But we are already hearing 1-11 is OK as long as there is improvement because the cupboard is so bare. It’s a loser’s mentality and part of the reason we are in this mess.

And, yes, I was guilty of defending Bielema for too long. But it blows my mind that we are now told it’s ok to lose to Co St and UNT when, with better in-game coaching we would have won both games (regardless of the overall talent dip).

There is no question that CBB didn’t leave enough SEC players, especially on the OL and maybe WR. One thing that must be remembered, he was recruiting for a whole different system (no matter how poorly he may have done that). Any change in philosophy is going to take time to get that coach’s players to execute that philosophy. It appeared CBB was doing that in the early stages (when Chaney and Pittman were still here). The downfall was Chaney leaving, which upset Pittman and eventually sent him packing to Georgia. Recruiting fell off but was still aimed toward the slow-down, plodding offense. Now it’s an up-tempo attack. It’s no surprise the players from the slow-down system are struggling. We’ll see if CCM can get enough of his players to do what he needs to succeed.

I’m just curious: Where have you heard that 1-11 is OK? I haven’t read that here, but admittedly I’m not able to read it all.

Personally I don’t think that is anywhere near acceptable. I think this team has to be able to find a way to pull out at least three or four wins. Tulsa is a must (and should be a given) and the Razorbacks should be able to at least be competitive enough with Ole Miss and Vanderbilt that those games come down to the fourth quarter.

Here, Twitter, etc. They may not say the number, but they literally blame everything under the sun on Bielema and say this is one of the worst rosters in America.

There’s one poster on this board that jumps on absolutely every thread (including this one) to remind everyone he was right about Bielema, we have one of the worst rosters in America and we can expect nothing other than brutal, painful losses all season and will be horrible for 2-3 years.

I agree talent is down but I also think we should be 3-1 this season. I’m ready to see all the great attention to detail I’ve heard about. I’m ready to see the hammer down attitude I’ve heard about.

Instead, we have gotten a barrage of illegal substitution and illegal number penalties and punting on 4th and inches when we had been running the ball with ease.

This schedule was set up for just about anyone to win 4-6. It’s essentially the same group that won 4 last year and should have won 6-7.

The schedule is easier.

And,yet pretty much everyone but you is saying the roster is too awful to expect anything other than a few wins sandwiched between a ton of beat downs.

I just don’t buy it. It’s time to give all the cliches a rest and get some things done. He’s supposed to be an offensive guru that prioritizes special teams.

Then get something done. The defense is pretty good but the garbage offense and special teams keep giving them no chance. He’s paid a lot $ to figure something out and the cupboard isn’t as bare as we are told.

On the defensive side, Pulley, Greenlaw, Dejon, Agim and Ramsey are good players.

The offense has some capable players and it’s his job to figure that out. If he’s the mastermind we are told we should see some results sooner than later.

Last years team could have beaten Miss St and Missouri, but could just have easily lost to Coastal ( 1 point win) and Ole Miss ( last second field goal). Why do you always talk about the close losses you say they “should have won” but never talk about the close wins that easily could have gone the other way?!? Close losses and wins balance out…4 wins was what it was and should have been.

Give Morris Austin Allen and they are 3-1. QB is most important position on the field and we have the two least talented QBs in the conference. If Morris thought he could be competitive with these 2 QBs I truly question his ability to evaluate. Should have brought in a grad transfer and I’d like to think he tried, but I’ve not heard he did.

PS I do like your sudden out of the blue demanding “get it done” stance with the HC. You certainly tended to be a bit of apologist and excuse maker for the last five years, but this new demanding Notorious is a sight to see, refreshing, and a bit amusing . Give em Hell Adam!

Here is some straight talk -

Everyone talks about this new system, how we’re gonna struggle for years because the coach doesn’t have “his players”. My question has always been why we went in this direction to begin with? What benefit has this drastic change given the program? Nobody has had that answer. It clearly has been detrimental to the team on offense, and the results have been evident. So now we wait 3-5 years? Eventually we may win? Why? When people start saying a 34-3 beating “wasn’t so bad”, that’s not good. It makes me feel like we just have to lay back and take this awful mess, and if you don’t like it, your not a real fan or giving the coach a chance.

We should be 3-1 right now. Period.

Never mind what I feel about the current coach. And take CBB out of it. I am asking this legitimately. Can anyone tell me why and how the UA BOT(JJ) found this coaching hire to be the best option? That this a better situation? That our program get blown up to the point of losing to teams like we have lost to, in the fashion we have lost. And the whole recruiting Texas angle doesn’t cut it. ANY good and successful coach can recruit anywhere. We are not an AAC/CUSA/MWC team. But we are losing to them. We play in the best division in football. Forcing this system and not utilizing your talent(and there is talent), is just crazy. Because the bottom line is winning and putting butts in the seats of that 500 million dollar worth of stadium/facilities we have.

So can anyone provide these answers?

No answer here but,
All of the other coach candidates we had on the short hire list run the same type offense, hence requiring complete makeover. So apparently none of them would have been up to your standard.

My standard is winning. Isn’t everyone tired of losing???

This is year seven of “wait until next year” we’re wishing, hoping, thinking and praying but its like we wake up in Groundhog Day every year.

Of course, but this offensive scheme has proven to lead to great success when operated with proficiency - national title in 2010, national runner up in 2013, 2 SEC titles,and a SEC W title in 2017.

It’s called the long game and we’re willing to play it. I applaud them for finally hiring a coach proficient in hurry up, spread concepts.

Ok. I get that.

But we just fired a coach that tried to “out Bama” Alabama. Didn’t work. Now we’re gonna try to “out Auburn” Auburn?

I agree with Jackson in that we are playing the long game here. I know most fans don’t want to hear that and I understand wanting success as quickly as possible. I can see the change for a couple of reasons: 1. It’s been proven to work. 2. A lot of Texas schools(our main out of state recruiting ground) runs offenses like this. 3. With the right personnel it can erase/diminish other issues that might be a problem with the offense. But again, it is a FACT, that it takes time to not only recruit well enough for the offensive system being installed and change the culture which seems to have issues as well. I don’t like or accept the beatings we took, but I’m willing to take our lumps when it leads to success later down the road(and I’m not talking about years).

I’m still waiting on your talent analysis and how to best use them.

Good post - you summarized my thoughts exactly.

General, it is obvious elmo has gotten comfortable and has resorted back to his hatchet job against CCM. He will not be a fan and look for ways to fix this now by tweaking the talent and scheme. He isn’t worried about anything but attacking our coach and hurting our program. WHERE IS THE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM? What players need to be used differently? What plays need to be used more or less? What play sequence needs to be used? Nada from elmo. We just fired a coach because we can’t out Bama, Alabama…yet complains about this offense not being able to out Auburn, Auburn. What offense does he want? Wishbone? Just fire the coach is all he can say.

Elmo says the same thing in every post, it’s exhausting.

I hope you have hobbies or a way to decrompress because I bet you’re miserable to be around and probably rant your exact same post daily to those around you.