Straight Talk

First, I love these kids who play for the Razorbacks, and I’m proud of their great effort today.

Other than the first play of the game, a kick-off return for a TD, special teams were much improved. Unfortunately that one play was the difference in the ball game.

The team is much improved against SEC competition, but that just underscores yet again that the Razorbacks should be 3-2 after this game with wins over lesser opponents – which include that inexcusable blowout to North Texas.

Here’s the bottom line – it’s another heartbreaking close loss to Texas A&M. Nothing new here except in the prior years 90% of the time the Hogs won those non-conference games.

Really? . . . “Straight Talk” again? . . .

Can’t someone come up with something even a little bit original?


More straight talk - North Texas is as good as A&M if not better.

Colorado State may not win another game. Truly awful loss.

Arkansas will win 2 of 3 vs Tulsa Ole Miss and Vandy.