Straight Talk

What I hate about straight talk right now is it is so negative, and I’m just not a negative person. I hate negativity and foul attitudes. So I don’t plan on repeating the obvious through what’s sure to be an 0-3 stretch and an historic low — a 2-10 season.

If something good happens, I’ll post more straight talk.

If not, I’ll not post anything else negative during the season.

I will close by saying, the job is not getting done. I hope they get it turned around — they got their free pass year and a chance to recruit their own class — now they need to win some games next season.

Amen. I agree.

I’m by no means saying that CCM is or isn’t the man to resurrect our program but he’s our coach and deserves at least three years to prove he can or cannot get the ship righted. I personally do no expect a huge difference next season from this one just because of the guys we have to replace. I was never on the band wagon of the many claiming we didn’t have any talent, I’m more on the thought process of the fact we didn’t get guys coached up due to the revolving door of our coordinators and assistants. I’m of the belief that we do have some quality commintments and hopefully we won’t have any surprise flips that hurt us in this class. A great recruiting class is imperative for CCM to make a move and allows us a chance to open the cellar door and see a ray of sunshine. WPS