Straight Talk

I have been blessed and vacationing like an empty-nester in warmer climes. Decided not to give out the straight talk after the Bama game because I wanted to wait when until after the Ole Miss victory, so I could say something positive.

Great truths follow in the middle of what is going down as the worst football season in the history of Razorback Football – a long and storied tradition for a program that has sunk to the an unimaginable low place.

  1. [I]This is all Bret Bielema’s fault. :roll: Picture the Marcia Brady character in the Brady Bunch spoof movie from the 90s when she is thinking to herself – “This is all Jan’s fault.” That’s what many continue to say, and the more the Hogs lose, the louder they yell. And then they say if we don’t agree with them, we are not true Hog fans – because we must accept losing for another 3 to 4 years until this new bunch gets “their” players.

  2. The power-brokers who engineered the Gus coup, it’s not all their fault, but…

  3. Speaking of Gus – a wise person once said “she don’t lose your address”. In the “serves’em right” department – one year ago Gus was hated at Auburn and they wanted him OUT. His wealthy friends back home pulled off the coup and got him his $7 million a year — and then Auburn beat Georgia and Bama and he used their friendship and money to get a huge raise and buyout at Auburn, and the Hogs got a great Texas high school coach instead. Now look at mighty Auburn and their $7 million a year coach. At least we don’t have Gus, he and Auburn deserve each other, and they are stuck with each other for a good long while…or the whole ignorant ploy by Auburn is going to cost them tens of millions.

  4. Knowing a lot of the kids who play for the Hogs, I hate this for them. I was definitely hurting for them last night. They deserve to win. It’s not easy to hear folks say that North Texas (and Louisiana Tech since they beat North Texas) have players more talented than our Hogs, which is why they lose. I sure wanted this win for them last night.

  5. The [I]Marcia-Bradys will get their 3 or 4 years with this regime. As it stands now, in about 4 years hence the Hogs will be going through yet another coaching change. Auburn-A&M-Bama games made me think maybe this staff was turning it around…and then last night happened…

  6. I, for one, am reserving final judgment on this staff for the time being. Let’s see what happens the rest of this season and what they actually do in terms of recruiting. However, that does not mean I’m going to sit quietly and let the propaganda go unchallenged.

A lot of blame to go around, but to suggest a lot is not Bert Bielem’s fault is silly. He recruited the vast majority of these players and they “grew up” in his program.

Bert was a drunk who quit putting effort in to recruiting due to his laziness, stubbornness, and most importantly active, jet setting social life. He had no expectations for the program, did not foster a culture of accountability, and could not attract quality assistants at the end because the word was out he was a drunk and the program was a house of cards - just ask Sam Pittman and he might tell you that directly. Wasn’t shy about telling others about the HC that put personal trips to Vegas with his bride over meeting with a key recruit in town for an unofficial visit.

The CSU and NTSU debacles are in large part on this staff for not getting the QB situation figured out - actually on Morris as Craddock preferred Ty from the get go. Morris, however, preferred Cole because he has a bigger arm. Should have deferred to his OC much sooner than he did.

However, last night was primarily the result of key injuries coupled with the losing let go of the rope culture fostered and perfected by the New England Patriots coffee boy. This program developed a well earned reputation for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory during the last five years - made it an art form in fact and learning how to win again just doesn’t happen overnight. Unfortunately, it’s not happened yet and may not until this roster is flipped.

Changing the culture of no accountability, low expectations is just as big a job for Morris and staff as getting better players is.

As for no propoganda - fantastic. We need more real talk and less BS on this and all other Razorback related media outlets. We’ve had way too much BS, rationalizing, defeatism, etc. for a long time and it’s allowed coaches that deserved to be fired allude their fate much longer than they should have.

If Coach Bielema had no fault in this, why was he fired?

He was fired because of where the program was headed - no matter how it got there.

I reserve judgement on this staff as well.

I see some things on the field that I question, I see a heck of a recruiting class.

The roster does need to be flipped. It’s why they are signing 29 this year when there are far less scholarships than that available, but will come open.

The one thing that gives me hope is the recruiting. It has been just great…it really has.

The game day coaching has been pretty weak, in my view. We have already lost 2 games we could have won…should have won…Colorado State and Ole Miss.

An outstanding coach is supposed to be the difference…the winning edge. We haven’t seen that.

Agree with most of your post. However, I never heard that Belemia was a drunk. Where did that get that information?

I got it from lots of places including from former college head coach in this state who talked to Pittman soon after he left - said Bielema was a complete wreck. PM’d this info. to one insider here but don’t recall getting a response about it.

It was common knowledge in Madison and he had alchol related legal issues while an assistant at KState.

I like to have a few cold ones as most do, but he allowed it to impact job performance, his health, etc.