Straight Talk after a Win!!

I’m tired of being the self-designated purveyor of straight talk, but I feel like it’s my responsibility after the one poster said we needed more of it. So here goes.

  1. The win felt great!! So happy for our kids. Nice to get the first shutout since 2004.

  2. It was also exciting to see the possible Clemson transfer in the stands. I do think he would be a difference-maker – a jump-start. Are we going to get him?

  3. Said it before, really don’t want to say it again, and will not after this post, but one last time, these Hogs should be 5-3 or at a minimum 4-4 right now. That’s a helluva lot better than 2-6 – understatement. But everybody knows it, even those arch-defenders of the new coach cannot dispute it after UAB beat North Texas yesterday – North Texas was not and is not some uber-power undefeated and destined to challenge for the New Years 6 – it’s still just North Texas. But what’s done is done, time to move on because this season is almost a wrap. :sunglasses:

  4. There are only 4 more games until the 2018 Horror Show/Frightfest/Nightmare is Over !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Coach Morris will be back next year no matter what happens/did happen – that’s never been in doubt. No more wasted breath on what should be. The future is in sight, the future is now. Looking forward to it.

  5. As we look forward to the end of this football nightmare horror show – and to duck season, Thanksgiving, Christmas – baseball season (and maybe basketball season) – I’m also looking forward to 2 – not 1 – but 2 more football wins and a big upset in there some place.

  6. Looking forward, despite all the folks who say they are fine losing for 3 or 4 years – in other words, they are not expecting even a 6-6 season and bowl games, etc, until 2021 or 2022 – fact is they really don’t mean that – next year accountability begins. I am rooting for Coach Morris! I’m not on the train yet, but my wife bought me a ticket to join her at the bar in the dining car and I sure hope there’s a winning train to get on next year.

  7. If Coach Morris and the Hogs do start producing more wins as they should next year – there will no defender more staunch than I. Ironically, many of this year’s Morris defenders over time will probably become critics and in some cases malcontents because the winning – if he does win – is not enough and not good enough for them. (Historically, that’s what always happens on this board.). And I’ll be right there giving them straight talk! You can count on it.


Well, you may be “self designated”, but you’re not the original, as I made a post with that title (“Here is some straight talk”) a couple of weeks before you launched into your “series”. I’ll point out that I’m NOT trying to claim a “copyright” on the term; just setting the record straight since you seem to be claiming it.

I noticed a lot of “straight talk” threads popping up in the week between the Auburn and A&M game (yours and elmo’s - may have been others) and pointed this out then.

viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21314&p=150710&hili … ht#p150710

By the way - my original “Straight talk” post (Sept. 8th, right after the CSU loss) still holds up very well, I believe. Things are playing out about as I expected.

Ahh, “straight talk”…aka no holds barred, right.

First, I was hopeful for a couple more wins; I thought 6-6 could happen. But, that was based on my thought that Cole Kelley could be the man to successfully (lead our team). So, two, I was greatly mistaken. Cole is just two slow for this offense, especially running behind our [three] continously broken OLine. Sure we lost a great one at the center position, but I thought (er, hoped) that the rest of the crew would improve year over year, which hasn’t occurred.

It’s hard to think that DMac managed three productive seasons in this league…no cupcakes in the SEC West as we don’t play “Arkansas”. (OK, that was a tad mean, but I’m just playing off an earlier thread this weekend.)

Four, I thought our strength would be the defense, and especially the back 7. Well, Calloway has quit the team (or whatever) and our guys still look a step or two slower than our opposition. Which leads me to “Five”; I just can’t believe our WRs still can’t get separation – against anyone.

Six, straight talk – even after a shut out? Yep, because the coaches just couldn’t figure out a #1 QB until well into the season. Sure, I blew it, but they’re supposed to know their players and their system. My biggest gripe is that our team just never looked to be in sync until the Tulsa game (and of course Tulsa has the nations’s #111 passing offense) so the offensive improvement remains a bit questionable.

Seven, I was very glad to see Agim have a great game, but then I’m saddened to think that he’ll be a senior already next season. I’m very thankful the young man pulled the lever for Arkansas…I know he’s been suffering a lot more than we watchers.

I can get with some straight talk.

As a fan of over 50 years, this is the worst Razorback football team I’ve ever witnessed from coaching to development to playing on the field.

I could go into detail from my perspective but it would be a mini series book.

I hope the PTB are happy with what they’ve let happen to Razorback football.

40k on Saturday was an embarrassment and yes I was one of the 40K.

I’m glad you came out of the coma you must have been in when Jack Crowe was the coach.

Lol. Mercy.

I just want it to be known I’m the first one who started posting “Mercy” about posts. That and the embarrassing clock malfunctions. I was first on those, too. I can’t find the links. You’ll just have to believe me.

Good Grief!
Can I be the first to post that?

Here is some straight, we still suck. Even if we beat Vandy, which we will have to fight hard for 4 quarters to do, we will still be #14 in the sec. we AR Kansas! Its a slippery slope and we have slid down it.

Snicker if you want to, Notorious. As I said above “I’ll point out that I’m NOT trying to claim a “copyright” on the term; just setting the record straight since (he) seems to be claiming it.”

Here’s my issue; I make a post right after our CSU loss, one in which I lay down some very specific thoughts, suggestions and a common sense approach for what I knew was going to be a tidal wave of negative, knee-jerk “the world is ending” reaction to the loss. I mentioned “Straight talk” in the subject, but it could have been “The world is NOT ending”, “Climb off of the ledge” or any number of other “titles”. So, just that someone uses the phrase “straight talk” in a post, per se, is no big deal to me. At all.

What does grate at me just a little is that this guy pops up using the same title a couple of weeks later, and then makes a big deal out of being the “self-designated purveyor of straight talk” (his words, not mine) with 2 or 3 other postings under the same title. It feels like he’s going out of his way to co-opt my original post and run with it as if it were his to begin with. It’s kind of like if someone started posting weekly columns with their “10 keys to the game” and claiming to be the “purveyor of weekly keys to the game” or some-such. If that happened, some brown-nosing sycophant would certainly call them out for it.

But since I don’t run this board, I have to look out for myself. And as I’ve told you before, Pig, I make my posts for me, not you. If you don’t like them, you can ignore them. I treat this board as a blog; I emote on issues I want to express an opinion on, and whoever wants to read it may. By the same token, those who don’t like what I put out are under no obligation to read my posts.

I have nothing, in general, against hawgindaslough. Frankly, before this, I don’t remember him much one way or the other (I do recall seeing the name; just don’t remember him for any particular position he’s taken). I just wish he’d been a little more original and come up with his own branding, instead of piggy-backing onto mine. Whether it was intentional, or not, that’s what he did. And I want to make sure his thoughts don’t get conflated with mine.

It’s a coaching transition. The transition was ugly when Petrino took over too. First half of the 2008 season was horrible. If you have to make a dramatic change in philosophy, some players are not going to fit. I don’t understand what people expect, especially the ones who keep posting “this team is still bad.”

What you thought you knew about the Razorbacks in August was wrong. What you think you know today is still wrong.

It wasn’t the first shut out since 2004. We shut out Ole Miss and LSU back to back in 2014…

Nominated for post of the Week. :mrgreen:

My post earlier was to our overall conference pecking order achieved over the last few years. We have slid to the last spot. Our conference record since 2012 is 13-39, Vanderbilt’s is 15-37. That is reality, no speculation there. I may sound like I am piling on, but I am just coming to grips with it, myself. That is a dynamic pecking order and the bottom side changes a lot more quickly than the top side. I think winning 2 of the last 4 would be somewhat of a springboard for next year. Winning 2 of 4 will be no small task for our team as it sits today. I think we are a pickem at home to Vanderbilt on Saturday. That should tell you where we are today. Hopefully Coach Morris can get some traction and get up moving back up the ladder. I admire his work ethic.

My disappointment:

I thought that when Bret Bielema was hired, at the least he would leave behind a good foundation for his successor. Never imagined that we would hire a Wisconsin coach who would never build adequate depth on the offensive line. Never thought he would be so oblivious to the need for speed in the SEC. Very surprised that he lacked much of a work ethic.

I thought Bielema would set up his successor for success, and he failed miserably at that. Chad Morris has spent much of his time undoing Bielema’s mistakes.

You have to build a good foundation before you can leave one. Of course he may still be our coach had he done that.

Came In From the Deer woods and watched the victory

Awesome! So happy for this team

Proud how they haven’t let go of the rope

Like how Coach Morris has framed the game

The two trophy games are this teams bowl and they win them it will be a significant statement of resiliency and Character

Go Hogs Go

As of right now Chad has 2 wins vs Crowe’s terrible 3 win season. Jack also went 6-6 in 1991 which will be another hill that Chad will struggle to climb in 2019.

Nope, not in a coma at all Buzzard.

Crowe’s teams were much, much worse than the opening year of the CM regime, despite playing in an overall weaker SEC. Crowe’s bunch was poorly recruited, poorly developed and poorly coached. Having endured that era, I just don’t see things as being that bad now.

Yes, we are last in the SEC pecking order, but there does have to be some explanation. They played what was much of that time in the dreadful East, while the Hogs played in the West. Vanderbilt doesn’t even have to leave its state to show how bad the East was. They have defeated Tennessee four of the last six years. They had beaten the Vols just once in the prior 29 years.

Yes Tennessee is bad too, but they did manage to go Auburn and get a win, their 5 year conference record is only slightly better than ours. But again, as I just looked up the betting line for Saturday’s game and Vanderbilt is a 2 point favorite in our house.