Dave Van Horn said Peyton Stovall suffered a finger injury on his throwing hand prior to Saturday’s game while taking ground balls at second base. The finger is swollen, but Van Horn’s comments did not make it sound like it is serious.

“We need to get that healed up,” he said.

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I noticed he didn’t participate in pregame warmup. I wondered if he was injured.

Well that explains Slavens being at 1B. And not seeing Stovall the last 2 games of the weekend.

Slavens was going to play first base Saturday, which is why Stovall was taking infield reps at second base.

Slavens at first allows for some different lineup combinations in the outfield and DH.

It sounds to me like when they face lefties, Stovall may sit. Tough for freshmen lefties to hit lefty SEC pitching. Have not seen too many do it well.

Wasn’t he hitting mid 300s earlier in the season?

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