Stovall RBI’S

Did Stovall set a record for RBI’s for Arkansas in the MCWS?

Set a record for hits in one game I think.

He is a hoss. I can’t wait to see how good he is going to be.

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I saw a graphic last night that he was getting close to the UA record for CWS ribbies. I think it belonged to Marc Brumble in '79 and Dom Fletcher in '18. But that was in an early inning; he may have broken it.

Let’s see, he had four ribs vs. Stanford, three vs. OM and three last night. That’s 10. IIRC the graphic said Brumble and Fletch had 8 each, and I confirmed from the box scores that Fletch did have 8. So yes.

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I would think he probably has, but I haven’t confirmed that.

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Awesome! he definitely deserves it the way he has hit the ball,hopefully gets 4 more games to add to it.

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I found the CWS record book online. The record for RBIs in one CWS is 17 by an Arizona State guy in 1981; they played six games that year. Stovall would get into the top five if he gets to 12.

The CWS record batting average is 10-for-14 (.714), which dates back to 1957. Stovall is 10 for 16 so far. He would have to go 5-5 tonight to tie .714.

The CWS record for hits is 17, set by Adley Rutschmann of Molester State in '18 (they played 8 games). If we get into the CS, Stovall has a real chance to break that too.

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