Stovall is in the lineup tonight

Peyton Stovall will play first base and Brady Slavens will DH. This will be Stovall’s first game since April 29.

3B Wallace
C Turner
2B Moore
RF Lanzilli
DH Slavens
CF Webb
1B Stovall
SS Battles
LF Gregory

RHP McEntire

I sorta expected this
Diggs seems to have had his moment(s)

Might have something to do with who Bama is throwing (Garrett McMillan, who is RHP). That’s just a guess.

Lefties hit about 30 points higher against McMillan than right handers, not that it matters much because Stovall took either Bohrofen’s or Diggs’ spot in the lineup.

Nate Thompson told me a couple of weeks ago that one of the things they look at is swing patterns and how they correlate with the pitches the opposing starter will throw. It was an interesting insight into some of the analytics they evaluate when constructing a lineup.

Hardly more than 300 here 5minutes before the game.

Sitting next to Dick Cunningham and his wife

So they should be able to hear you when you call the Hogs!

Yep. That flying bat came right at us

Perhaps they should try something else.

In all sincerity, is Thompson’s seat warm at all?

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I would be surprised if that’s the case. This is the first down year they have had offensively under him. Remember, too, that hitting coach is half his title. The other half is recruiting coordinator. Arkansas has been recruiting at a very high level — the best stretch I can remember — the past three or four years. The Razorbacks have the No. 1 class committed for 2023.

I think the bigger question about his future is when he will get the right head coaching opportunity. I think he wants to be a head coach at some point, but like most SEC assistants he can be choosy about which job he takes.

As Tony Vitello, Butch Thompson, Nick Mingione, Brad Bohannon and some others show, Power 5 programs are willing to take a chance on SEC assistants who have not been head coaches before.


My brothers asks the same question. He’s coached a lot of baseball. I tell him what Matt said, his recruiting is top notch. That’s huge.

Nate isn’t in trouble. He’s a quality coach. This team is 18-10 in the SEC.


When a HC opportunity comes along, I hope he’s not a jerk like Tony V.

Dick Cunningham really, really good memories even if I was young and small, I knew all the significant Razorbacks on that 1964 run. Reads like he is doing good:

We seem to score runs under Thompson and last year we had a lot of home runs but if I remember last year’s team batting average 267 I believe was actually worse than this year’s 272 which was the last in the SEC when I checked last week. Strange thing is we were tied for fewest strikeouts in the SEC this yr we’re just not getting hits. I really think pitch selection has a lot to do with it we’re just not hitting the ball in the middle of the plate near enough.

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