Stovall injury?

Is he still injured?

He is taking batting practice and throwing. He’s probably well enough to play, but I think he’s going to have a hard time breaking back in to the lineup unless his bat warms up during practice.


They have enough lefty bats right now with Diggs coming on. They need a righthander to come on with the bat.

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.300 SEC Slugging %. Lowest on the team.

I keep thinking Wallace is going to break out that ball he hit off the wall sunday’s gone and every ballpark in the SEC. He hit the ball pretty sharply this weekend several times hopefully once school is out he can really start to zone in and get red hot we need him to start hitting the ball out of the park


Wallace hit the ball well this weekend. He hit .333 for the weekend with 4 doubles. He hit a couple that were rockets, just hit right at someone for an out.

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Yeah hopefully he can start to break out of it big time

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There have been balls hit hard right at people at season also the hogs have played in weather conditions that aren’t favorable to play baseball in but rather deer hunting! I thought once the wether warmed up the offense we expected to see should come to life! Also all season long the hogs hogs have failed to score in more than favorable conditions with runner at second and third with no outs and one out!
The series at Auburn showed a snap shot of what the offense can do they just need to play with the energy and fire like they showed Sunday.

This hog team is really good. They aren’t, however, a really good hitting team. The pitching and defense has carried this team. The hogs have hit just well enough to win with the strength of pitching and defense behind them. They are leading the West for a reason. They are really good. We aren’t the best hitting team in the west, but we have been good enough at other phases of the game to overcome that. We’ve played other teams that are better hitting teams than us, and when we haven’t hit well, we have beat them with pitching and defense.
The Hogs may not be hitting the ball like we thought they might, but they have hit well enough, for the most part.
This is a dangerous team. What makes this team dangerous is they have the power from,1 thru 9, to hit the ball out of the park. Sometimes all it takes is for us to hit well enough for that power to come thru and score runs.


Your points about our strengths are exactly why I’ve said this team has what it takes to win it all. Not just get to Omaha, but be the last team standing.

The defense has been good-to-great, and moving Slavens back to first has made it even better. He’s an outstanding first baseman.

Pitching has been solid. With the emergence of a potential 4th starter, the staff seems all the more post-season ready.

The potential at the plate hasn’t been fully realized, but remains elite. Who would be surprised if Moore got hot over the last month of the season? Or if Wallace, Turner, or Lanzilli pushed their averages up by 10-20 points? Or if Slavens or Battles finished at the plate this season like they did last season? Or if Webb, Gregory, Bohrofen, Diggs, or even Stovall come up with timely hitting?

The completeness of this team allows it to have a chance in the post season. Who knows yet if it will happen? But, past CWS champions have had worse teams than these Hogs.

Stovall has become a good first baseman, but his hitting has been inconsistent.

Agree that Stovall has become a good first baseman (although he’s not a natural corner infielder). But Slavens’ length allows him to do things Stovall can’t.

The stretch Slavens made to complete the double play to end game 3 at Auburn was big time.

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Stovall can field the ground ball and get to pop flies. His defense is solid. He may wrong foot it on stretches.

Stovall needs to be at first for defense. He makes the defense better. That’s my opinion.

Stovall has been absolutely tremendous at first base, has saved Wallace about 5 throwing errors by picking low throws. He has done much better than I could expect.

He hasn’t been close to what I thought he would be offensively but the expectations were too high for him considering he never play SEC baseball. Hopefully he can have a Benintendi type year next year


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