Story On Nebraska’s 10 Walks

Yes the Big 10 (or 13)’s top pitching team threw 10 walks last night. Nebraska led the Big 10 in both walks allowed and strike/out to walk ratio. Nationally, Nebraska was at #38, but interestingly that was behind NJIT at 24 and Northeastern at #10, nationally. Go figure.

This team has so much power that teams are very cautious to throw us anything in the zone, they are always trying to get us to Chase, our hitters are very smart and know this and for the most part do not swing at very many out of the zone,that’s why we draw so many walks even Kumar rocker was hesitant to throw us something in the zone.

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The umpire was pretty bad last night. Quite a few pitches for both squads would’ve been strikes in most all the games I’ve watched this year. Glad we won, while watching I was concerned we would be squeezed into a heavy bullpen game like Huskers were

We have not had good Umpiring in this Regional for sure.

What conference are they from? Are they one conference Crew or put together?

I was thinking to myself last night, this is an NCAA major sport post-season, is this really the best they could get for umps? No bias I saw, looked to be equally awful to both teams, so seems to be a question of competency.

Hopefully the umps are graded on these performances and only the better ones move on to supers and CWS.

The ump last night was blind or ignorant, fortunately he was pretty much an equal opportunity screw up. No way Wick should have had to go over 90 pitches and KK over 70.

The umpire list for Omaha was posted on the board last week along with all the crazy junk they have done bad to our hogs!

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