Story on future Baseball Hogs playing in a Perfect Game Tournament

I know this could easily go on the Recruiting site, but since it is solely about Baseball prospects committed to the U of A (whether some of them end up making it to campus or get accept MLB offers), I thought this was the better place to post it.

I really like that the Sticks are giving many of our recruits an early chance to get used to their future teammates (we hope). Sounds like we have a special group coming in, IF we can survive the MLB lure.

This was written about 6 weeks ago - SIAP. … ournament/

Great article…thanks for sharing…will be tough to get some of those here and I hate that.they have plenty of time to play in MLB and going to a place like arkansas is about AA quality wil help them get the show a lot quicker IMO.

Thanks for sharing. DVH mentioned today how good the 2020 class could be.

Awesome stuff! Thanks for posting.