Story: New game day locker room not possible for 2017

Here’s a front-page story: … room-2017/

That seems to be a definitive answer, but I’d also say that in spite of the recent rains, they’re making very good progress on a project that’s not due for completion for 16 more months. Third level of steel going up now in the northwest corner on the webcam. From the artwork previously released, there will be four levels, with the top two levels apparently suites.

The key is that it does not seem to be a goal because it’s not possible.

Gotcha. I’m just surprised they’re this far along with 16 months to go. I don’t recall the 1999-2001 project going nearly this quickly.

I drive by the stadium at least once every day, sometimes more often. I’ve been impressed with how much progress they’ve made lately.

Matt Trantham told me the goal is to have the underlying steel work completed by the time the season begins, then have the exterior finished by March 2018. Interior work will take a while.

The last thing they do is the interior work. It has never been possible to get a locker room ready. That’s just not how a building comes together.

Well, they aren’t just going to put the north big screen on top of some bare steel, are they?

The scoreboard structure on that end is going to be constructed by the end of July. But that will be all that is complete on that end when the season begins.

It will be interesting to watch them put the roof and walls up on all of this structure with a big screen sitting in the way.