Story: Moses Moody hearing from the bluebloods

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I had posted this was coming. Some recruiting analysts say he has one of the purest stroke.

The article does not mention Kentucky, but I understand Calipari’s staff is showing interest. His Mom is all about Mike Anderson now, but when it comes down to it, it will be hard to turn down either Duke or Kentucky. My prediction is that Moses will be a McDonalds AA and will be the first major Arkansas recruit to play for Duke.

Fortunately 2020 class is rich with talent.

like the other BB players from Arkansas that reach ‘elite’ status, he too will chose to go elsewhere - probably to Kentucky

Sadly I agree. Hard to turn away a Wright or a Coach K when the instate guy has proven to be ok/average.


I would say it is sad that you are comparing the appeal of a Duke program and a Kentucky program against any program, let alone Arkansas.

And I guarantee you that Moses would pick Jay Wright and Villanova over Arkansas. Villanova just doesn’t have the appeal and NBA guarantees like Duke and Kentucky. Did you know that Villanova has won 2 championships in the last 3 years, but they have not made it to Sweet 16 in the 7 of the last 9 years? And in one of those 9 years, he did not make even NIT. He has missed NCAAT 4 of the 16 years. Not exactly a blue blood record.

For Moses to leave the State and Anderson, it will have to be Duke or Kentucky or North Carolina. He does not have the KeVaughn Allen prejudice about Arkansas. It will be like a Malik Monk or Archie Goodwin business decision.

Nova is the current hottest program in the country though, and a current blue blood. Best program in hoops right now IMO.

I will have to see that to believe it. 2018 class is ranked #10. That came off after the first title. Let’s see how 2019 class works out and see if the second title makes them as hot as you are thinking.

It’s a shame that few kids today have my sense of pride and loyalty to their home state Universities and want to attempt to lift them up, but rather simply become the next in the line of mercenary recruits for the “Crooked” programs around the country all in the name of money.
The NBA needs to step up and put an end to the one and done era in college basketball and draft kids straight out of high school just as baseball does.
If a kid then doesn’t sign out of high school he will then be in college for a minimum of three seasons and draft eligible after his junior season.

Go Hogs!

The NBA isn’t going to do anything to help NCAA hoops and I find that odd. It’s a free minor league system and they’re letting it implode.

They always cater to the top 4-5 players. I don’t get it.

And, yes. I agree that it’s sad there is so little state or program pride. It’s all about thinking they’re going to cash that lottery ticket. The odds are overwhelming that they won’t, regardless of where they go.

And, ironically, by picking UK or KU they often limit their chances. Playing time is huge. Development is huge. They often don’t get either at the 1 and Done mills.