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I read it this morning after it was linked in Razorback Brew. Definitely enjoyed it!

Great Article Clay! KJ to be honest has done better than I thought he would.
I saw him play in high school and knew he was going to be a force to be reckoned with running the ball. He has really surprised me with his accuracy on the deep ball and his tremendous decision making and not forcing the high risk passes…

The throw for the two-point conversion to Dubinion was a beauty because he threw the ball where Rashad was going to end up and it was led perfectly just over the outstretched hands of the defender…That was a tough throw that he made look very easy because he threw it before Rashad even turned up the field.

I hope next year he will learn to not try to play bumper cars with the secondary but I know I’m probably wasting my breath because just like Sam said early on in the year KJ does pretty much what he wants to LOL.

I love watching him play and if we get a couple more of these transfer portal pieces at receiver that we’re looking at we are going to be a handful because they are all tall and fast and are extremely hard to cover.


Excellent Clay. Love the back up QB’s we have on the way. And KJ is as good as any QB we’ve had.


It is one of the few things that I had time to read today. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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