Story: Kayla Green's journey will make you cry

I had to fight back tears while doing this interview with Kayla Green. She told her life story for the first time to be written. I felt honored. Incredible journey for the Arkansas softball catcher:


WOW! I have no words. I believe you used them all in this great piece on Kayla.

One thing for certain, I’m now one of her biggest fans. I’m going to watch the Razorback’s softball games that are streamed on SECTV+ whenever the next season starts. Hopefully, in the next couple years, I’ll be able to catch a game live in Fayetteville.

There’s also no doubt in my mind that Kayla is going to be successful in life after softball is over. She’ll make a great counselor.

Amazing piece of work Clay about an amazing Lady. (A Lady Razorback). No doubt she succeeds.
Hats off to you Kayla.

A very touching story. So glad she’s “ours” now. Would love for her to make Arkansas home. I wish her a happy life. If anyone deserves it, she does.

What a great story. She sounds like an amazing young woman.

Thank you Clay, what an amazing young lady.

Thanks, Clay, for a great story on an impressive young lady who has handled quite a lot of adversity in her life.

As one who has seen the devastation that addiction can bring upon a family and the strength it takes to overcome that as a child, she is a ray of hope for those that are enduring this today.

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