Story: Joe beginning to heat up in December

Overshadowed by Mason Jones’ 41-point outburst on Saturday was Isaiah Joe’s third 20-plus point game of the season. He’s averaging 18 points per game in December and beginning to heat up a bit from the perimeter:

nice article, Scottie. I hadn’t noticed his corner 3-pt shooting woes this season, until I listened to your podcast Thursday. glad he made one. if we are going to win SEC games, we really need this whole team shooting better from 3.


It also looks like Desi might be regaining his 3 touch. If so the Hogs will be a dangerous out with the defense they play throughout the conference season.

Yep, Desi is shooting 35 percent from 3 this month, too, despite missing 6 of his last 7 attempts against Tulsa. It’ll be huge if he can provide a couple 3s per game and remain aggressive going to the rim.

Gotta hit a few when they are tired. Harder to do late in a game.

Scottie, Again I would love to see his stat on shooting 3s in transition and success rate shooting the 3 in the first 15 seconds of the clock against rest of the shot clock.

Shooting in transition and early in the shot clock eases pressure and he is able to relax and shoot. I bet that percentage is much much higher. I just don’t think he has yet developed into a clutch 3 point shooter. He just needs to nail a buzzer beater and that will change.

I hear you. I have not charted 3s by transition or halfcourt setting. I’ve been tracking catch-and-shoot + off-the-dribble 3s moving left/right, and same for 2-point attempts for Joe, Jones and Sills. Joe has attempted 100 3s this season. I’ll try my best to give you an answer if I can find the time to go through those tapes again.