Story: Dudley interviewed the Coastal Carolina coach

Here’s the view from the visiting locker room from Dudley: … away-late/

Clay they played pretty well in my eyes.
I’m still surprised. But they are not a true option team! That was what I expected.
The hogs defense must have overlooked this team. I know I did.

Upon further review, this was not as creamy of a cream puff as it appeared at first glance. I just looked at the record and conference affiliation and assumed gimme game. That’s a whole lot of close losses and one semi respectable win. Still, it was a very bad defensive performance by the Hogs. The worst of many. Semi interesting maybe sidebar. I was surprised to see CC’s 3rd team QB Dalton Demos on the sidelines. His sister Gabbie who played tennis at Drake University used to baby sit my neighbor’s kids in Wildwood Missouri so I kind of followed Dalton’s career. He signed with CC in 2012 and saw action as their #2 guy in 2013. Then he transferred to Northern Iowa and played for 2 years. Apparently he has returned to Coastal as a graduate transfer. I guess that makes him the Alex Mortensen of Coastal Carolina. Tall lanky kid known more for his passing skills than running ability. Given the chance to play against our Defense on Saturday, I have no doubt he would have had a career game. One might even say an Elway like performance. :wink: