Story: Dominic Fletcher showcasing hot bat, gold glove … den-glove/

I asked Dominic Fletcher why he shaved his mustache before the Missouri State set, how he’s really turned things around at the plate and been a guy other outfielders look to for tips on reading fly balls.

“I think he’s as good as any center fielder we’ve ever had,” Dave Van Horn said. “He’s not the fastest center fielder I’ve ever had, but he’s probably the best I’ve ever had at not misjudging a ball off the bat.”

He’s really a fine center fielder; just has that insight that most do not. Now that his bat is coming around, he’s really looking like a potential AA.

Fletcher has the best first step of any center fielder I’ve seen here. It is a great equalizer for his lack of speed, relative to others who play the position. Coaches noticed his defense was going to be strong from the first practice in the fall of 2016. That’s why he was a rare opening-day starter as a freshman and why he’s started 116 of the past 121 games there.

He has the “it factor”. As it warms up his bat has warmed up. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a center fielder that gets such a great jump on the ball. He has good hands and a pretty good arm. Sometimes speed is overrated but it sure helps.