Story about true Razorback character

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Thanks for sharing….super cool story!

That game was my first Arkansas Football. My wife and flew down from Pittsburgh to be there. It was the loudest crowd noise that I have ever heard at a football game.

That was the last game where I could reality yell. Lost my voice and ever since, it will take very little of that

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I say prosecute his butt.


Uh oh. Now I’m convicted of the multiple times I snuck into the Rodeo at Hestand Stadium as a kid. At 2023 prices that would be a chunk……

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I didn’t get to go to that game. My parents had season tickets, and by that time I was going to most games with them, but they had friends who wanted to go, so I had to stay home.

Richard, I am certainly no attorney (thank you Jesus) or a scientific rocket, but don’t you think the statute of limitations has run out on this fan? I know it has not on Dirt Winston for what he did to Anthony Davis!

Winston had a memorable game that day. He was sad on the pool table.

I was kidding. I’m pretty black and white but not that much.


Washington Post picked it up:

Yes, I caught your humor, just needed a set-up for the punch line. Dennis Winston’s hit on AD and Matt Blair’s on Dickey Morton were two of the most brutal tackles I witnessed. If memory serves me correctly, both ball carriers got up on their own, with no serious damage.

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I remember those two. I also remember a quasi-legal hit by Baylor on Darryl Mason at WMS in 1981 that sent Mason’s mouthpiece flying along with a few of the teeth it was supposed to be protecting. That would have been targeting in today’s game, no doubt about it.

But the hardest hit in Hog football that comes to mind wasn’t even in a game. I think it was in spring practice, maybe 1980. One of our receivers ran a crossing route, the QB hung him out to dry with a high throw, and one of our DBs absolutely broke him in half. Completely legal even under today’s rules, but a ferocious hit. I think the WR had the breath knocked out of him but was up in a few seconds.

I was at that Baylor game. Direct hit with Baylor guy helmet on Darryl face. Lost teeth and came back to play in the game. Baylor dirty even then.

Of course that was a few years after Holy Hypocrite Teaff sent Ronnie Lee on a headhunter mission on Steve Little. And all he got for that was five yards for offsides.

I’m still PO’ed about that hit. I had a former Baylor player work for me several years ago. He told me a Teaff story that showed he was racist.

As a lifelong Baptist I’m ashamed of Baylor in many ways. Sad, sad. They are a close second to Texass on my strong, strong dislike list.

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I remember them as always being very rough and dirty on the gridiron. Bad sportsmanship to an extreme.

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The fan in question is the pastor of Friendly Chapel in North Little Rock

I was watching practice one day (back when you could actually do that) and saw Gary Brashears get his chest just completely caved in by a brutal tackle, can’t remember who. I always thought that was what screwed him up, he just never seemed to get it together. He had the sweetest throwing motion I think I’ve ever seen, could throw a ball 60 yards and just make it look effortless.

Back to sneaking into games…I only did it once. A buddy and I were in high school and drove down to Barnhill on 12/20/76 to see the Hogs take on Kansas State. The game was sold out and it’s when Barnhill was in the middle of renovations. As we were walking to the arena, no one was holding up tickets and we even saw a couple of other high school boys leaving saying no chance of getting in. We walked around the west side of the building and there was a garage type door that was barely open, a construction entrance. We forced it open enough to get under it and we ran down the hall and came out where you enter the west side of the stands. There was only about 5 rows of chairs behind the basket at that point and we took the only two that were open. No one ever showed up so we pulled it off even though it was very tense the entire game wondering what would happen if they caught us.