Story about Chris Mortensen's Cancer Battle

Clay has done wonderful stories about Chris in the past, the most recent after the marathon baseball game: State of the Hogs: Mortensen impressed by fans in marathon game

Here is a new story about the cancer battle being fought by Chris, from Peter King: Chris Mortensen’s Cancer Battle

I read that story yesterday on Mort. He is such a great guy…one of those really likable dudes who I have never met, but feel like I know from watching him for years and from his ties with the Hogs when his son Alex played here.

I wish the best for him.

What a great story. Mort is one of a kind. I’m not an NFL guy at all (nothing to do with the recent issues) but I’ve always respected Mort. His faith is amazing. And the part about him needling Berman was priceless.

I knew Alex was coaching but I didn’t know he was with Saban. Good for him. That is about as good as it gets in D1 football.

Thanks for sharing this. A touching story that again adds
a humbling reminder of our need to be kinder to one another. Mort is a positive influence for all of us.
I remember how thrilled we were when his son chose to
become a Razorback.

Does anyone have an electronic or snail mail address for Mort?

Thank You

I do know that his twitter account is @mortreport