can’t throw… not sure he’s the answer.

Knowledge is good. Knowledge without the ability to complete passes downfield isn’ t worth much.

we have no QB right now and why I say let Noland start and just live with it he is by far the most complete package of run and throw that we have.Hyatt to me is the best one I’ve seen today

In his first drive looks more like what we need than the other guys. Need him to progress mentally and he’s got t.

I watched the state championship game, and Noland has talent. But I didn’t see anything to make me think he would be better in September than the top three we have now. He likely needs a redshirt year, or at best work as a backup. Throwing him to the wolves this year is unlikely to result in any more wins and is pretty likely to result in more losses. He will be much better as a redshirt freshman than he will be if you force him into the lineup with only the pre-season practices under his belt. Think long term-this is the first year for the new regime, and starting a true freshman at QB is almost always a desperation move. We are not desperate, we are just getting started.

I think Cole is the best option at QB going into fall camp, and has the potential to put up really good numbers in this offense. Remember, he had three drops today in one half(and in fairness one dropped interception in the end zone). But I’d start Dalton before I started Noland. I might start Dalton before Ty, for that matter.

John Stephen Jones will start very soon. He’s better than all of these guys we saw play today. A lot better IMO. Highly accurate and a fantastic football IQ. We have no QB right now. None can throw accurately or run the football. Really pretty disappointing.

Not going to happen until he gains 25 to 35 pounds on his frame. Noland is 215 and is learning the formations and playbook at a rapid pace.Noland will be in the mix for sure. The injury and transfer bugs always bite, unfortunately.

With what I saw today we need much, much better by September no matter who it is.

We only saw a small piece of what has been installed. AND we have not installed much yet. We need to base evaluations on how well they can run however much of the package that is currently installed at any point in time. Only the coaches as of now can make those evaluations because they have seen more and know more than what we do. All we can do is make comments based on our limited observations.