Storey wins backup QB … backup-qb/

It sounds like Cole Kelley will probably redshirt, but will still travel with the team like Rafe Peavey did his redshirt year in 2014. Kelley will continue to get reps with the second team.

How do Storey’s mechanics look right now? I think I remember that being an issue last year. I hear nothing but positives about his tangibles, but does he have a strong, accurate arm to go along with those intanglibles?

I am so confused by this post. You hear nothing but good things about his “tangibles” but are concerned about his arm?

I also seem to recall some stated concerns regarding Storey’s overall arm strength in relation to the other QBs. Is it deficient enough at this juncture to present a daunting impediment to certain deep range passing routes, necessitating a short to medium range focus should he be inserted into a game in the near future?

I don’t think it’s probable that Kelley red-shirts this season. The coaches may desire that, but our opponents will be doing their level best to put AA out of games. More importantly, I feel the coaches want to win. The more wins the Hogs have, the more it will be necessary for Kelley to be ready…and we better use some of the gimme wins to get him experience for the real games.

While they may have to play him if we have injuries, I don’t see him playing unless that happens. It is a gamble either way. Blow the red shirt on games where it isn’t necessary and regret it vs. don’t play him early and then he is needed later and doesn’t have any game experience.

I just don’t see the coaches burning the red shirt unless forced to.

Well it wasn’t very long ago that a big part of this board was predicting Ricky Town to be the next QB sensation here, even pushing AA for the starting spot this year. The 4-5 star CA kid with the awesome HS highlight reel. Now not much chatter bout him. I wouldn’t just forget about him though.
Ty Storey was all but a forgotten figure until he wins the backup role (in the fall, not the spring), when the real competition takes place.
Hot topic now is the newest QB addition, 3 star giant with a cannon arm who is turning heads.
More QB talent on the way in upcoming seasons, including a talented walk on who just may turn some heads as well.
I’ll just say we are blessed at the position, thanks to CBB and staff.