Storey made a good point on the pick

play for a TD. Either call it or don’t. I see teams run it all the time and have much worse contact and it isn’t called.

Pettway barely touched the guy and we were scoring with or without the contact and they call. Being in the cellar is awful. The grounding call on Storey was one of the worst calls in any sport in any game.

Did it impact the outcome? No. They drilled us and manhandled us and threw at will in the 2nd half with a QB who struggles to throw. But, it’s annoying. Would have been 17-10 and a game at that point.

Besides being pummeled on both sides against a better team. Refs can just squeeze the remaining air out of the sails.
We have had very very few questionable calls in our favor this year. Count m on one hand while missing a finger or 2.

It seems to me—and this may just be the way life is—that when you have a sorry team you get no slack at all and the better, top tier teams get the calls.

We have had a ton of tricky tack wrong calls against us. Does not change the fact we are terrible but it is maddening. The pick play and Storey grounding were ridiculous. Even the overturned stepping out of bounds seemed dubious. Did he step out? Maybe. Probably. But the line just was right on top of it. The replayed seemed inconclusive and probably 8 of 10 times (depending who’s playing) they would have said they didn’t have enough to overturn. When Clay mentions 2 or 3 head scratcher calls in his postgame, you know they were bad.

Doesn’t change that we for steamrolled-that was going to happen, anyway. But it seems like the competitive balance (and yes I’m biased and often complain about refs) is tilted.

The intentional grounding flag was plain silly! No other explanation can be made of it. The offensive pass interference oh well if Petway is looking back at the QB that isn’t called.
My thought is like this go back to the first drive first down on the 19 in the red zone.
We go backwards with horrible play calling by the OC Craddock. Just like last week.
If you score a TD you have a lead instead we miss a FG and the game is over with this group of programmed pampered players. Give them a participation trophy when the year is over and pay them on the back. You won’t win with the poor attitude this team has. Each and everyone of them need to look in the mirror and do a self check.
We have a few players that give it their all and it’s not enough when you have a few that simply take plays off.

yeah everybody runs it and it is fine but we run it and oh nooo! its a pick and to be honest it was but others run it all the is or it isn’t. officiating as has become a joke especially on PI calls DB’s have no chance to make a play or at least ours don’t